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Product Manager
Product Manager

Node Interface speed discovery?

Has anyone else experienced an issue with Orion not properly discovering the proper interface speed of Linux NET-SNMP hosts? I have a Linux server that Orion discovers as 10MB connected, but the actual link speed is 1GB. Rediscovering the interface doesn't seem to change anything. For now I've defined custom bandwidth for the interface but I was curious if anyone else has seen this problem?

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I have the same problem with interfaces on my riverbed steelheads. They show up as 10 Mbps and should be 1GB. Did you get an answer as to why? Is it a MIB reporting issue on the OS?

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Level 7

I have the same issue on Linux servers.  I have one out of four that reports

correctly - the other 3 show 100mb instead of gig.


Any ideas?

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