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Level 11

Node Details database table

Hi all,

does anyone know where the node details resource pulls its data from

specifically hardware and No Of Cpu's

I cant find these fields anywhere in the database

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Level 13


hardware information is stored in Nodes table. Number of CPUs is fetched directly from historical table, because it can change over time. It's not easy to get this information, but you can use this SQL command.

SELECT data.NodeID as NodeID, data.Caption, COUNT(data.CPUIndex) As NumberOfCPU from

(SELECT cpu.NodeID, cpu.CPUIndex, n.Caption, cpu.TimeStampUTC,

DENSE_RANK() OVER (PARTITION BY cpu.NodeID ORDER BY cpu.TimeStampUTC desc) AS [Rank]

FROM CPUMultiLoad cpu

INNER JOIN Nodes n ON cpu.NodeID = n.NodeID

) as data

where data.Rank = 1

GROUP BY data.NodeID, data.Caption