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Node Availability Statistics

I have a node that shows 100% availability but is also showing that it was not available for over 24 hours (the chart is blank for that period)

Why would the availability show 100%?

We had a circuit failure that cause that office to be offline for a full day. I don't understand why the statistics don't reflect that.

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I've experienced that exact problem several times, across multiple versions of NPM.  NPM's acted as if it were hung--and not for all nodes, either--just for a small number of nodes.

The general work around has been to restart the server on which NPM or the offending poller resides.  Please send me a note if you discover a cause & fix--particularly if it has the official stamp of approval from SolarWinds.

Swift Packets!

Rick S.

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Thanks Rick. I won't lose any more sleep over this one.

If anyone comes back with a good answer I'll be sure to let you know.

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Here's a clip of the screen I'm looking at. It shows completely down for about a day and a half, yet the % available is 100%


When I click the 30 day view you can see a gap.


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If you hover over that gap, does the popup show 0% availability?

That almost looks like a data gap, where SolarWinds might have been down for that period of time and not able to truly poll the device.

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Would it be correct to state that NPM is using its own connectivity to the node in question to calculate availability?  As opposed to the actual node uptime that would need to be retrieved from the node in question.

For example, if let's say node is up but for whatever reason is extremely busy processing traffic and doesn't respond the SNMP requests from Orion.  Is this time counted against availability when there was actually never any loss of the node?

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There is no pop-up when I hover over this chart.

I know Solarwinds was online.

The site was down - with no connection. I would expect if SOlarwinds couldn't poll it, that I would see less that 100% available.

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Level 15

Can you post some screenshots of what your are seeing?

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