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Level 7

Nexus 7k/5k/2k hardware monitor support

Hey all,

I am about to open a ticket but would also like to hear what the community has to say about it. I found a few similar discussions here but they are a few years old and would like to revisit this topic. The hardware monitor is not picking up several components on our Nexus 7K/5K/2Ks. Hardware Health only shows temperature readings but not the power supplies and fans status, which are present on all of our other Cisco switches. I know we can pull the data using UnDP which would require a bit of MIB research but I imagine this would be a supported feature on the native hardware monitor. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Our specs -- NPM 10.5, Nexus 7010 NX-OS v6.1(4), Nexus 5020 NX-OS v5.0(3)N2(1)

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Level 8

Not sure if anyone is still watching this old thread but just wanted to share my experience setting this up. I specifically was looking to alert on module status.

First, I added the the module status OID ( as a new universal device poller, and under advanced options, chance format to enumeration, and manually type in the values from above. (press enter to get another line)

Then I added the physical description OID ( as another new universal device poller.

Then I assigned these poller to the appropriate devices.

To add this data to the node view, you need to add the 'tabular universal device poller' resource to a view. Then under Select tabular universal device pollers for display, I checked the two previously created UNDP above.

Then for the rows I checked 22-36 (specifically just for modules) as called out above.

For 'Select the poller from which labels are taken' I just left it on the module status poller I created.

Now for the alerts, under trigger condition, for 'I want to alert on:' I put 'Custom Table Poller Currect Status'.

For scope I just left it on all objects.

For actual trigger condition, I put two conditions with AND

-Custom Node Poller, Unique Name (Custom Poller), is equal to, <name of custom poller for module status created above>.

-Custom Table Poller Current Status, Current Numeric Value, is not equal to, 2

Hope this makes sense.

(NOTE: when I was setting up the resource for the node view, I had to wait a day before it worked, because for whatever reason when I tried to assign a poller to the resource it just kept erroring out.)

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Level 9

Hey Keith,

Did you manage to get the Physical Name (module Name) & the Operational Status into the email alert notification?'


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Level 7

I manage to create a custom SQL query for the alert variable to grab the module name from the UnDP entPhysicalDescr, alert variable as below:

  • ${SQL: SELECT CPS.Label FROM CustomPollerStatusTable AS CPS
    Right JOIN CustomPollerAssignment AS CPA ON CPS.NodeID = CPA.NodeID
    WHERE CPs.CustomPollerAssignmentID != '${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerAssignmentID}'
    AND CPA.AssignmentName LIKE '%entPhysicalDescr%'
    AND CPA.NodeID = '${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomPollerAssignment.Node.NodeID}'
    AND CPS.RowID = '${N=SwisEntity;M=RowID}'}
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Level 12

I have it all displaying correctly now in my web console, thanks so much for your advice!! As regard alerts I want to alert if the supplies are anything other than OK. Have you set these up before? Did you alert on 5the numeric value returned by custom poller or the mapped to value (word)? Thanks alot!

Level 17

Nexus Operational Status - NexOperStat

Nexus Power Status  - NexPwrStat

These return Numeric values for status. So the alert triggers when the Status of the poller is NOT 2.

Alert trigger setup would be

  Poller name = NexOperStat

  Status <> 2

and then any other qualifying conditions... I use a machine type contains Nexus, or NX... some variant to pick up all my devices.

Level 11

mfregeau and cahunt i got this working properly with the 7k on NPM 11

I used the above Physical Names and used this MIB to get the module card status' :




























Then map your values here :


And I got this to return properly.


Hope this helps

Level 12

I can't see an option to map more than one value returned to a more readable value ie 2 = ok. How can I add a second value? @azabiel

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Level 11

Also I've added these to our 5K's and 3K's as well and they all work properly.

CHeck out the most recent NPM beta to see these natively supported.

Level 11

I can't roll the beta into our production environment though

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Level 9

Anyone know if this has been tackled with NPM 11.0?

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Level 17

Still waiting on our UpgrayeDD!

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Level 13

Are these OIDs polled already by the latest NPM release? Do we have to create UnDPs on this stillcahunt?

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Level 17

I have not seen a way to highlight this on the switch itself aside from using the UnDP's

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Level 17

We just recently updated to 10.7 and it looks like we still do. The hardware health on many items of the Cisco type seems to be dwindling with each new hardware release by Cisco.

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i have still needed this as custom pollers in NPM 10.7 for nexus switches

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Level 13

Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.

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In addition to the above OID's this is what the tabular custom poller resource looks like

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.21.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-04-16 at 2.21.43 PM.png

Level 9

Okay here is stupid question? How do you get that to show in the UI like that? I have imported and read all the how tos and I still cannot get the view above in the UI.

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Level 17

make sure they are tabular pollers, and add the Tabular Poller resource. 

Then you have to edit it, check the columns you want and then the row #'s you want to see.

If you only have the poller display resource you may see your tabular pollers, but it will show how many values you have in the table.