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Nexus 7k/5k/2k hardware monitor support

Hey all,

I am about to open a ticket but would also like to hear what the community has to say about it. I found a few similar discussions here but they are a few years old and would like to revisit this topic. The hardware monitor is not picking up several components on our Nexus 7K/5K/2Ks. Hardware Health only shows temperature readings but not the power supplies and fans status, which are present on all of our other Cisco switches. I know we can pull the data using UnDP which would require a bit of MIB research but I imagine this would be a supported feature on the native hardware monitor. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Our specs -- NPM 10.5, Nexus 7010 NX-OS v6.1(4), Nexus 5020 NX-OS v5.0(3)N2(1)

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Indeed. I think I have found the block is great for monitoring status and inventory, thanks for the feedback cejay79

If you are able to mark anything helpful/useful it is always appreciated.

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Cisco's 4507, 4510, and the nexus do this.... in some cases they have moved to an 'enhanced mib table' as to prevent other entities from being able to easily poll/monitor their devices..  Why you say... so you buy Prime. The Cisco Way!

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Did anything come of this?  We are using NPM 10.6.1, and on the NXOS some are 6.1(3), and some 6.2(2) and all we get with the hardware health polling is temperature also.

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Last time I looked into the MIBs, there was not support for monitoring power supply or fan status.

When you find an OID that might give you your data, you can query the Nexus device to see if the OID is supported.

The first command to run is "show snmp internal oids supported create".  This creates a table of what OIDs are supported on that firmware.

Then you can run "show snmp internal oids supported" and looks for the specific OIDs that you're hoping to monitor.

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I opened ticket number 553909 regarding this issue. Waiting for their reply..

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Very true and very frustrating!!!!! Been seeing only temperature except UNDP for our nexus for quite some time with no change in 10.7.

It's sad to see our network monitoring solution no longer able to monitor our network devices.

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Hi, I use NPM 10.6 and it is the same issue here, Only the tempreture is displayed and not the Power supply / FAN for any of NX-OS device.

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Please post ticket number and results when you get them.  Thx.

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