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New to Solarwinds

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Hi all, I am a new user to Solarwinds - I have a 2008 VM server with Solarwinds NPM12 installed, tied into GNS3 with 8 routers 4 switches and a few servers. All working fine.

Solarwinds is indeed a powerful tool very impressed so far - planning on using this lab setup to go through the SCP asap.

However I have been given 3X Dell PowerEdge servers to be used for Solarwinds & Tasked with moving an existing VM solarwinds to the 3 previously mentioned PowerEdge servers.

These servers I'm lead to believe have bear bones server 2012 in preparation for SW.

Any suggestion on where to start? What would each server be used for? Application/DB and backup?

Is there a guide somewhere for utilising all 3 servers for this and what needs to be installed on what?

Sorry if this is a bit vague, talk about baptism by fire!

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All,  I would like to recommend that new users start here: 

Welcome to Solarwinds...........

as they begin their awesome new adventure into the world of Solarwinds.



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Congrats!!!  Excellent success story.

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Hi all, thanks so much for your help.

I have successfully migrated away from 1 VM box to 3 Physical servers.

1 for NPM

1 for NTA

1 for DB

All 3 servers 32gb ram 3.8ghz 16 logical cores. So much better than 1 3ghz server with 8GB ram!

Only 1 sticking point was, the host name for the NPM had to much exactly or the NTA would not function, it does state that in one of the guides above. For a new install it would be fine, but i migrated the db so it was looking to match the host name.

Also been sent on a Solarwinds course for a week & after that (5 weeks after, for more study/lab time) passed my SCP exam

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Hi there gazwales​! If you need to complete migrations of data, moving of products, and need a few checklists, we have new Migration Guides!

Migration Guide - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

These may give you some important walk-throughs and helpful tips.

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It depends on what modules you have.   The basics would be one server for NPM and most if not all modules, one server for SQL.   The third server depends a bit on what modules you have.  For instance, if you have NTA, you would want one server for the Flow Storage Database, while NTA itself gets installed on the main server.   Or if you have a ton of sites and need an additional poller this third system could be used for that.

Now, one thing that might be smart is to make at least the NPM server at its base a VM server, if not all of them.  That way if you decide to get any of the "non-integrated" modules, like LEM or Firewall Security Manager, you can install them as VM's on the same physical hardware as the main solarwinds poller, but give them their own OS.   LEM comes as a VM package with its own OS, FSM requires windows...

From what I understand, making them at their base a VM system would also allow you to use vMotion to move them from server to server if needed...

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A little bit of a plug, but usually I do not have a lot of time to "find" things I need so the List Master skills have come out.

All,  I would like to recommend that new users start here: 

Welcome to Solarwinds...........

as they begin their awesome new adventure into the world of Solarwinds.



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Have to agree, that is an awesome page of links and info! Definitely following it. Thanks CourtesyIT​!

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CourtesyIT​ shameless plug for your article, eh? 

I agree, very informative doc with a lot of good Thwack links in it.

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Welcome to The Show! gazwales​!!!!! 

Depending on your Licensing, you may have an extra poller there. Start with a 2 server setup - 1 for DB, 1 for App.

Happy Thwacking!

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To begin with for sure unless you're a small network put your real SQL Server not express on it's own VM or box.  Also if you're using NTA note that it now has it's own noSQL database as well (do not put the two databases on the same box or VM).  NPM, SAM and whatever modules you are going to run will be on your main poller and any additional pollers if you have them.  Pollers can be on individual box/vm's but can also be stacked on the same machine in which case they'll use the same IP address as a source.

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We also found the Scalability Engine Guidelines for SolarWinds Products useful when we planned our install.

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Hi gazwales​ and welcome to THWACK!

I would recommend that you go over the NPM Get Started Guide:Network Peformance Monitor Getting Started Guide - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support in the success center paying close attention to the "Plan your product deployment" article.

As for THWACK, I would highly recommend checking out the Getting Started  section and completing the "You Don't Know THWACK" mission to familiarize yourself with THWACK and get a good chunk of points to start out with.


This looks like the answer that I was gonna hunt for as well! Thank you so much for posting it.

Just wanted to give a shout out to the forum as well as a new Solarwinds and Thwack user. Been kind of lurking and not posting for a while, but time to come out of the woodwork and learn!

So, hello all!

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Hi – it appears that I have another thwack account using my mail address?? My username is noobes and I haven’t created any new accounts recently?!

Can you clarify what’s happening here?



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noobes​, I'm not sure about that.

I would suggest reaching out to one of the community managers, such as DanielleH

Perfect - thank you very much ill get right on it.


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