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Level 14

New User Default Menu Bar and Views Options are MISSING

Any ideas on why the options disappeared?


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Level 9

Hi All,

Any one received any kind of update on this. Im facing the same issue.

using NPM 12.5 .

Thanks in advance.

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When creating the new user account, check what view is assigned. If it's "none", it's supposed to be empty. If it's "default", you might want to take a look on what widget are included in that view - if any:


Best regards,


Thanks for your response but i'm not getting this Home tab Option at all.My data.PNG

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The options are not gone for existing users.

Please help me and forgive me for English, I'm using Google translator.
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Guys, I applied HotFix-2019.4 and apparently the problem was fixed.

The only thing that scares me is that at the end of the update, he accused an error with RabbitMQ and informing that the service would be disabled, however all services in ORION SERVICE MANAGER are live, including RabbitMQ. Suggestions?

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Level 7

Did anyone ever solve this issue?

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Level 8

Did this ever get resolved?

I am seeing this happen when I try to add a new user.

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No. It never did get resolved. I didn't open a ticket on this one.

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I have opened a ticket and will update this when I get a resolution.

We are on NPM v.11.2 and Platform 2015.1.2  (SAM 6.2.0)

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Hi wtwoott,

Just checking if you ever had a response to your ticket and what the fix was here?

Thank you

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