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Network discovery not er..discovering.

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Good morning.

I am having issues with network discovery.  No matter what I do, it seem to always fail the network discovery.  I am unsure if it's because of a timing issue, the fact that maybe it's a permission issue, or other.  But if I leave the auto discovery over night, it always says not complete.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Or is it me?  Is it a setting where it times out after a certain period of time?

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Ok, I just figured out why it wasn't working...I didn't increase the discovery time...

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Although I have another issues I cannot work my head around.

I have migrated about half of our environment, but the other half is just simply not wanting to be discovered.

I have one GPO that is applying all of my currently old soalrwinds settings and my new solarwinds settings.  I have the firewalls setup so that solarwinds can communicate to the servers (I have tried a handful of servers.  There's about 500 ish so I am not going to check/I have no idea how to bulk check servers) by a method of ping.

But they are not being discovered for poop.  I have manually tried to add some, but they simply will not work.  Any advice please?

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It sounds like you've probably covered the easy bases.  But you should verify the items below and ensure they're accessible and/or validated:

  • snmp strings are correct on your polling/discovery solution for every device that needs to be discovered/polled/added to NPM
  • IP addresses/ranges are correctly set for your discovery poller, and verified/validated for every device that must be discovered/added
  • Routing allows your poller to hit all the necessary subnets
  • ACLs aren't denying access from your poller to the destination devices to add/discover
  • Timeouts are correctly set to allow discovery
  • Hop count limitations aren't preventing your poller from getting to all the devices and discovering them

If those are all good, it's probably time to open a case with Solarwinds Technical Support (over the phone for fastest service).  Having this thread going in Thwack will allow a parallel path for others to help you out, in the event contracted SW Support is slower than you'd like.

Once you discover the solution, be sure to post it here so others can benefit from your learning curve.

And don't forget that you can search the Thwack forum for your answer, instead of just waiting for others to see your post and offer ideas.  A starting search is here:

Swift Packets,

Rick Schroeder

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I have finally come to the conclusion of all of my problems.  Networks forgot to add domains to allow solarwinds to communication to the respective nodes/domains.

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Security is hard to troubleshoot if you're not responsible for implementing it.

Once upon a time, I did the DNS, the DHCP, the routing, the ACL's, the firewall rules & DMZ configuration, etc.  I miss those days--having all that in one brain made for fast and efficient configurations and troubleshooting.  As we grew, it was less feasible for one person to handle it all, then it became less reasonable for one team to handle it all.

Getting the degree of understanding and shared ideas & communication between the groups necessary to accomplish tasks across all their areas remains the challenge and the goal.

I'm glad you were able to determine the problem and resolve it!

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Believe it ot not, many years ago I used to actually have some (kind of) network job.  But looking at the infrastructure part-time causes me issues. 

The whole infrastructure is a mish mash of things from days past.  I will give you an example:

Once, they decided to clean up the comms cabinet, removed a few cables, fine. On the nth cable, they took down half of their infrastructure with just one cable.  I am even tempted to show you how messy and insane it looks both in the panelling and in the racking where it is.

Rather than going from A--------B it's more along the lines of

A------Z--------8-------3------}----B in or around that order.   It took our network guy six months to understand how our network operated and he did some big companies such as BT, EE and several universities.  We are a small company that made everything complicated.

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It's easy to start out new and attempt to reinvent the wheel--right up to the point where you run into design considerations and implementations that begin limiting your work and efficiency.  It's worth getting an experienced person in at the start, no matter whether as a consultant or permanent employee, and give them guidelines for what you'd envision a network should be in ten years after growth.

An experienced and trained person will build features and considerations into your network design that will keep things working and looking well for years to come.

I, too, worked for a while where folks didn't have training or experience when designing and building a network and network rooms and cabling.  They all had best intentions, but ended up with a mess that continually shows its limitations each time something new comes along.  A green field installation is where you'll get your money's worth from good consultants and well-trained employees.

It is tremendously useful to have a high level AND a detailed low level set of policies and plans and terms and conditions, blessed by the physical plant / maintenance staff AND by HR, Legal, and Security.  If you don't have such departments, getting involved with a good consultant can make all the difference between a great deployment and a never-ending headache.

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Ok, I just figured out why it wasn't working...I didn't increase the discovery time...

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