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Network Sonar Discovery - Purpose of Interface Discovery

Can someone enlighten me as to the purpose of changed interfaces showing up in the discovery screen?  There doesn't seem to be anyway to take care of changed / newly discovered interfaces other than to ignore them.  If I select them and import, they get ignored because the node is already in the database.  If I have to ignore them every time, why not just automatically add them to the ignore list?  And if we are just going to ignore them, why "discover" them in the first place.  This is creating about 45 minutes of work a week just selecting and ignoring changed and discovered interfaces.


Thanks for any help on this.

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Can we get an answer on this from the SolarWinds staff?  If it's a feature that we don't fully understand and aren't taking advantage of, I'd like to know.  Otherwise I have to agree with kartbraun in that it's exceptionally annoying.




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Karl, I'm looking into this for you and will let you know something soon - sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hi Karl,

could you please open support ticket for your issue and paste number of ticket to this forum? For us it will be easiest way how to help you.



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I will be opening a ticket on this this afternoon (WED-11-JAN) or tomorrow.

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Hi karltbraun--

Did you ever open a support ticket?  If so, would you please post your ticket # and any progress you've made in the process?


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I have opened Case # 304991 for this.


There seem to be two aspects to this; the first doesn't really warrant a ticket:  What was the thinking behind the way this designed to work?  What was the intended maintenance process?


The second part is probably a feature request: is there a way to, on a per-node basis (possibly mass-configured by certain attribute criteria) the behavior of discovery of changed interfaces?


The problem is that for many nodes, when the system is rebooted, the interfaces change, and if you don't wish to monitor the interfaces, you have to check each one to ignore it.   Also: If you have (for example) a switch with a large number of ports, but most of them not critical (so we don't monitor the interface), you have to first discover the switch and import the node, list the resources, turn off the management of the interfaces, then on the next discovery go in an ignore all of those interfaces again.

Surely SW engineers face this in daily operations.

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I've generated the requested diagnostics file.  It is 58.4MB.  Please instruct on how to get this to support staff.


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Instruction for sending diagnostics are included in your support case. If there were some issues with please let me know here in forum.

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I received the following email from Support:


Re: Network Sonar Discovery - Purpose of Interface Discovery
By mharvey in Orion Network Performance Monitor


Our technician working on case 304991 requested the diagnostics on behalf of our developers.  They would like to collect that information from you in order to get the explanation to you that you are asking for.  There should have been upload instructions for the diagnostics file sent to you in the last email the technician sent.  As soon as you can get these to us, we can get the files back to our developers to get the information you are looking for.


The only instructions I have received are as above "included in your case", which I have no access to or otherwise have information on.  Is it asking too much to have someone actually contact me, either in an email conversation that I can reply to, or by phone, to provide these instructions?  I really feel like I'm wasting my time here.

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I have to agree with you Karl.  Honestly, I'm getting frustrated just watching this process continue.

I don't understand why you have to go through all this for a simple explanation of why a feature is designed the way it is.

By all accounts, the software appears to be working as designed.  I personally don't understand the purpose of that design- which is why I've been following this very painful thread.

Seriously-  Can't support just answer the question?  There are plenty of "why does this feature work this way" questions on here all the time that don't require people to submit tickets and support bundles.

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Let me take a shot at this.

We do NOT want auto discovery to detect interface changes. We want an option to DISABLE THIS. We also want the default for discovery to show FOUND ITEMS. We do NOT want to see changed items by default. This is a design problem, not a bug.

We also need device filters, but I'll drop that on the wish list site, which I'm going to carpet bomb in 2012.

Let me take a shot at this. We do NOT want auto discovery to detect interface changes. We want an option to DISABLE THIS. We also want the default for discovery to show FOUND ITEMS. We do NOT want to see changed items by default. This is a design problem, not a bug. We also need device filters, but I'll drop that on the wish list site, which I'm going to carpet bomb in 2012.



so if I understand it correctly you want following:

  • Option to disable detection of new sub-elements (interfaces,volumes) for already imported nodes. Please notice there is nothing like "changed" interfaces - interface is either existing or new. Therefore if you'll have already imported node, this node gets new interface and you have enabled this new option then nothing will be shown. Is it correct?
  • By "default for discovery to show FOUND ITEMS" do you means by default choose "Found" status in Scheduled Discovery Results?
  • What would you expect from device filtering? Can you please describe real expected scenario useful for you? It can help us understand how we could design this feature in next releases.
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I just want a decent way of dealing with new nodes/interfaces.  We're a FAIRLY large shop, and our department is responsible for the backbone of the network.  We don't want to monitor everyone's printer, or desktop ports, we just want to monitor our electronics, and their uplinking ports.

What I'm faced with when I look at the Discovered Nodes section is completely unusable.  I need to see anything new, so I can go through it and decide whether or not to import it.  What I SEE is a list of over 900 nodes/interfaces, some new (although the already exist as managed node), some changed (although I can see no changes, and they too already exist as managed nodes), and some "imported".

That's useless information to me.  Why would I want a list of imported items, what I'm looking for are the ones that have NOT been imported, so I can go through them.  And why is there no way to isolate the items that need my attention, and why when I import a switch and all it's interfaces does it say "not imported", then STILL show in my list as "new" no matter what I do?

And although the admin guide tells you to "click here", and "click there" to import a node, the actual explanation on what all of these items are, and how to USE this list to actually keep UP with what's happening on my network is completely missing.

So, yeah.  I could use some help on this one.

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Cleahy- This is a perfect description and mirrors my feelings as well.

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=- CoSigned -=

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I'm having this issue as well.  I'm just learning SW, and I'm taking over an installation that was put in place by someone no longer in this department.  The system has been neglected for awhile and now I'm stuck with over 900 found/changed/imported items listed in the discovered node section, and no way to wean those down to what I need to check to see if they're already in the database.  (Not without checking over 900 entries one by one, against a list of thousands.)  This is a major stopping point for me in getting this installation useful again.

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Karl, I have emailed you directly offline to provide the steps to upload your diagnostics to me. I will make sure they get to development.

If we knew why this was happening we would certainly provide why it is. Unfortunately we don't have enough information at this time. Once we know what the problem is, we will definitely explain why it is happening.


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First, due to a problem reported over a year ago that no one has done anything about, the portal shows no cases for me.  Nothing open, nothing closed, nothing in progress - nothing.  Maybe there is a way to track this down, but I don't have time to debug your portal for you.


Second, the instructions I had said to contact my support person for instructions on how to upload the zip file if it is over 5MB.  This is the only way I know how to do this.  Your comment is less than helpful in this regard.


Third, this issue has been opened since NOV 18.  All I've been asking for is an explanation of how one is supposed to handle this.  This issue takes up a ton of time at least once a month with interfaces being rediscovered and having to be re-ignored.  I have no word on whether this is a bug or a process problem.  But I do feel like I'm getting the run around.


When people ask me (as a consultant specializing in NMS/EMS) what I think of Solar Winds, I tell them the product is pretty good for the price, but you better dedicate at least one staff member to maintenance, because you're not going to get much help through support.  I say that because that's been my experience.  I've spent way too much time on this issue.

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