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Level 11

Network Maps

Is there a way to use visio stencils when making network maps? I want to get things to looks as close as our visio documentations Also what about for wireless heat maps?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Also timf​ - is the theme or desire to use Visio because you would like more customized icons vs the standard icons available or a simple LED?  I would love for you to elaborate on other reasons why you prefer to leverage the Visio docs.  Are there other elements to the map that you are looking for or need in order to not need to use Visio as the example?  Thanks for sharing!

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Been using solarwinds for 10+ years, so I have created many maps in atlas.  I always try to add visio stencils when I can so I can get get a true life picture of the switch/router/FW/chassis I'm dealing with without needing to drill into nodes.  My personal opinion is that detailed network maps look far better with the actual chassis stencils in place.  I will then have the object picture outline turn red if the node goes down. 

I would love if there was a way to natively import visio stencils into atlas! 

Awesome!  Would love to see some examples if you are able to share.  Is the goal just to make it easier to interpret what is represented?  What other elements do you have to have as a part of this type of map?  Customized labels or text as an example?

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yes, i typically add dynamic labels to the maps for such things as IP/hostname of devices, and then add lines for the individual network connections, which I then assign to the actual interfaces so I can see up/down, current utilization, etc. 

Level 10

I open the visio stencil and paste the object into a blank visio document.  You can then copy/paste that object right into Atlas.  You have to give the object a name when you paste it in.  Usually it works, but sometimes I see the stencil comes up as incomplete looking.   Once you paste the object into Atlas, it gets added to the database permanently.  To delete the object, you need to run a DB query to get it out.  

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Level 14

Unfortunately this is no native way to use the stencils. The best option is to convert an existing Visio to a .jpeg and import it as a background, then drag and drop your elements to the appropriate locations. You'll also need to change the element icon to "no shape."

That said, there are some shapes that are close and I find those easier to use than the above exercise. Maintaining the .jpeg each time the network changes just seems like extra steps to me. I've also not used NPM 12.3 or the newer 12.4 that's coming. I believe those have some new mapping features, so we'll see what that brings.


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ORION PLATFORM 2019.2 - ORION MAPS 2.0 - Would love to hear your feedback on what you like, don't like, and what you would want to see next!

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I saw this blog the other day, I'm excited to see the updates. Unfortunately, we are in the process of upgrading our environment to the latest versions so it will be a month or 2 before I get an opportunity to play with the new maps. We had some issues with the legacy platform because it wasn't maintained properly, so we are building an entirely new environment.

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No worries - excited to hear your feedback once you get the opportunity!

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