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Level 12

Network Atlas could not be installed


We try to install Network Atlas on a Windows 7 64bits workstation but as soon as we launch the installer it stopped and display nothing at all.

Have you already seen this on your machine ?

There is an error : 1033 in the event log with a "success or error status 1624", hope this could help to find the issue.


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Level 12

A quick answer to myself. i have been able to install the Network Atlas from a share folder on the server. I have launch the msi from an explorer \\ip_address\c$\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Installers\SolarWinds-Orion-NetworkAtlas.msi.

That works fine, however the downloaded version from the link under a map is not functional at all.

That's a strange behavior...

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thanks a lot for that tip.

It helped me also on Windows 10.

Somehow the from the Map doesn't work....

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