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Network Atlas Group Custom Properties?

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Is there a way to reference a custom property assigned to a group via network atlas, utilizing the label?  Not a custom property assigned with a node. I tried ${custompropertyname} in the label but nothing seems to happen. I figured it would have been the same as nodes?

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I don't need any additional info for tracking. If you decide to open a ticket, please reference bugs CORE-6886 and CORE-6887.

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I used to use custom properties in my hover over pop ups in Network Atlas maps... it worked fine with ${custompropertyname}  Now i'll have to check as I had switched from atlas maps to the newer one until the background maps stopped working recently.  Oh I just noticed you said group custom properties not node custom properties.

Yeah. unfortunately group ones don't seem to work as far as I can tell?

I noticed on the Edit map tooltips page there is an option to edit the map tooltips for groups, but i don't even see a list of variables. Any guesses who we can tag to get the potential variables list ecklerwr1​ ? Is it syntax maybe, that it should be using SWIS as opposed to standard variables?  adatole​  aLTeReGoDezdo you know who might be able to share some insight into this?

Currently there are no custom macros available for use in Network Atlas Maps.

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aLTeReGo​ so why is it even on the customize map tooltips page?  What is the point of using built in "Macros" that are already included for a group?

Why are they being referred to as custom macros when it is merely a custom property? Why can I reference any "macro" (custom property) for a node, but I can't do it for a group on a map? What is even being defined as a macro for purposes of this? I know this is included in the admin guide but nothing is referenced - we have more in the post above than referenced anywhere else.

If this truly doesn't exist, I'm creating a FR for it.

The full list of macros supported by Network Atlas, and their related object types are available at the link below.

Custom map tooltips show variable name instead of value - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Suppor...

This link no longer works.  Can you repost the equivalent please?

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I've been using that link for years now!  It's a good one!

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Seems like our resident API expert would know maybe? tdanner Any idea why group custom properties don't work as variables like ${custom_group_property} like normal node one's work?  If anyone would know it would be him... He's the man.

I looked into this. There are two problems at work here. The first one prevents macros from working with Groups on Network Atlas maps at all. Even generic ones like ${Caption} don't work. The second one prevents custom properties from being part of the macro set for Groups even if I work around the first bug.

Thank you for looking. So, actual bug? Do you need anything in particular to track that as an internal bug? I had one generic value actually work - ${Status} if it matters tdanner​ .

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I don't need any additional info for tracking. If you decide to open a ticket, please reference bugs CORE-6886 and CORE-6887.

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If you're already looking at it this is as hands off as I'd think it needs to be for me - it's not like opening a ticket is going to change anything, no?

Also, thanks tdanner​ and ecklerwr1​ .

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No, opening a ticket wouldn't really change anything.

Thanks Tim... I didn't mean to put you on the spot or anything but I follow you on git and and knew you would have or could find the low down!

Thank Tim... I knew you would know!

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Of course I live for that post on a few levels. However, those are *node* properties, and I'm talking group custom properties - which don't necessarily populate.

On second thought, maybe I forgot label properties.

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