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Network Atlas - Copying Maps??

Is it possible to copy maps in Network Atlas?  I'm trying to create a series of nested maps and they should all be pretty much identical in appearance, but I just want to swap out the nodes in each.  Network Atlas doesn't seem to be able to do this easily.  Is it even possible to copy maps in Network Atlas?  I've created a few and they were a pain because I couldn't figure out how to simply swap out a node with another, I had to delete and re-add and reposition which is a pain when you are editing 40 or so maps. 

I really wish Solarwinds would give Network Atlas a serious upgrade, I don't think I've seen any improvements in the 6+ years I've been using it.  Making maps with Network Atlas is always a major headache!

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Level 10

Thanks, I actually started creating templates just as you mentioned because that seems to be the easiest way to create additional ones.  I was hoping there would be a more efficient trick to doing what I'm trying to do, but it looks like there isn't.

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Level 10

None of those links show how to copy a map, or even mention if it is possible in Network Atlas.  One is also for Network Topology Manager which I don't have.  So I'm guessing this is not possible?

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Yes you can't copy a map. But you can copy the contents from one map to another. I just highlight everything in one map and paste it into a new map. Then I just update each node.

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So I've seen some display glitches where if you copy things from a "base" map and then redo all the nodes some views within solarwinds still retain info about the old nodes that used to be on the map.  Kind of a nuisance, so I just got into the habit of building myself map "templates" by right clicking the white space and adding objects to all the places I needed them, tweaking all the custom icons and layouts and labels and such and never assigning them to a specific node.  Then I do like you said and just copy all from that template onto the maps for each site/nested/group/etc and assign the specific nodes there.  It is a little more work up front but I often have to build maps for people with 100+ near identical sites and while Atlas is still pretty painful to use for bulk jobs, this method helps me churn out LOTS of consistent good looking maps relatively quickly (it helps that I have probably put in hundreds of hours using Atlas over the last few years).

I have also picked up the habit of keeping a map template on my lab server that has all my favorite icons and typical variables in the labels that I like to use already on it and sized up how I like them, because I find it is easier to keep that map as a sort of standardized clip art page to go grab copies of things from rather than dragging over all these objects, then one by one changing their graphics and labels.

-Marc Netterfield

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- Marc Netterfield, Github
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