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Netpath Service no traffic

We are experiencing a problem with the Netpath service. We have two probes which gives no results (see attachment). One of the probes is a Linux server and the other is a Windows 10 computer.

The Firewall ports have been opened. No traffic is dropped.






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If I'm reading this correctly... the services that you're monitoring are a Windows and Linux system?

Assuming the engine or server agent doing the actual netpath polling of the services is windows (as mentioned above, Linux agents don't support netpath currently)... This could be an issue with the winpcap / npcap installation on the server doing the polling.

I have Nmap and Wireshark installed on all my polling engines, and have hit issues before where netpath won't poll and all services would show no data found. Long story short I had a mix of corrupt installations of the pcap drivers etc. and had to go through everyone individually to purge all npcap and winpcap. Reboot.. do fresh installs of the npcap installer from C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Installers and then reboot. Then verify the driver is actually installed and enabled by going into the NIC settings. Not something I would have thought of but a byproduct of having installed Nmap and WireShark before installing SolarWinds products which also tried to install both winpcap and npcap.
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Something to keep in mind.

Never thought to look at wincap

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Another thing to note is that NetPath does not work through a proxy.

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Netpath does not support Linux at this time. Do you get any results in the included google path?

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