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Netpath Reports History

Question, Does netpath have historical reports you can run, or is this something you have to create with report writer? If so, how?

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As indicated NetPath reports have not been included in this release, but as the reporting engine(s) both support custom query code, you can write your own query to pull the data back and format it in a useful way. It is a bit more complicated due to the nature of the data set, but readily achievable.

To give SolarWinds some guidance, what data output would you like to see?

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How is the data stored in the database? I have never written a SQL report before and I would like a NetPath report for one of the items I am tracking.

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Found some of it myself, still a work in progress but at least I have the SWQL table sections. They are listed here.

SolarWinds Information Service v3.0 Schema Documentation Index

This could be something of use in the meantime

Enter debug mode and export

  1. In the address bar, add ?debug to the end of the URL.
  2. Scroll down to the Debugger section.
  3. On the Export tab, select All from the options list.

We have a mesh of sites, and our management wants site availability reports. 

I can run a report to see the if the edge routers are accessible from the polling engine, and infer from there, I can't see a report that shows availability from the various sites to each other.

NetPath is awesome for showing "No, it's *not* the network!" to a manager who insists that it *must* be, and it would be nice to have a .PDF that shows that *this* production workstation is able to hit all of it's servers necessary for work (or not).

Initially, a graph or chart that shows for a given destination, the up time and latency, layering each probe as a line on that graph.  A nice picture of the Rube Goldberg / flying spaghetti monster as a background would be good to illustrate the variance.

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Report feature hasn't been enabled in NetPath v1.0. But as far as I know, it's on the road map.

What netpath data would you like to export to report?

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Netpath data report that will show the source, destination, port, latency, packet loss and each 10 minute time interval which can be filter by hour, or per day via excel.

Thanks! 😊

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It would be nice to create a Path History report. At least 1-7-days worth. 

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