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Netbios name resolution needed?

Has anyone attempted to turn of Netbios name resolution on their SW server? We are monitoring remote sites (some across the raw internet - don't even ask) and in all cases we don't need Netbios NS at all.

Thanks in advance!
Leon Adato
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NPM do not handle DNS name resolution when ConfigWizard run.

This process create entries in the "Orion Servers", Websites", and  "Engines" tables (to name few) with no FQDN, so I have to edit the table and append the suffix manually.

We are forced to use the URLs with FQDN, otherwise, the links referring to nodes, components, etc. in the alerts will not work.

This also affects NCM with a message indicating that polling engine cannot communicate, and after I change the database entries I get a message saying Identity check failed for outgoing message. The expected DNS identity of the remote endpoint was '' but the remote endpoint provided DNS claim 'myserver'. If this is a legitimate remote endpoint, you can fix the problem by explicitly specifying DNS identity 'myserver' as the Identity property of Endpoint Address when creating channel proxy". Solarwinds support can refer to Case # - 00104807 Jobs failing.

This screenshot is without FQDN.


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I don't see why it would be required. DNS should handle everything internal.
You should be able to just uncheck the "use Netbios over TCP/IP" setting.

You should also block UDP & TCP ports 135-139 outbound on your firewall.

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