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Level 14

NetPath and

I recently upgraded our Orion to 12.4 and configured a few NetPath's yesterday.

So today I came in to a call from our CND team asking why our Orion was sending data to

Good question.

Why does NetPath communicate with Can this be disabled and NetPath still work?

Need answers so I can turn NetPath back on.


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Level 7

We are using NetPath on a AirGaped network is there any way to disable the use of stat.ripe. It just create a lot of noise on the logs.

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Level 11

NetPath port requirements; 43 to BGP data providers including - Used by NetPath™ to query BGP information about the discovered IP addresses.

Level 9

Well I can't say with 100% certainty, but I would guess that is what it is using for IP Address owner, ASN owner, probably some hostname lookups.

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