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Need suggestion to catch the reason for Device down status


      I am looking for a Technical Suggestion and solution for my query.

We have two scenarios when we see any node configured in Solarwinds went down.

1)When there is a power outage at the site.

2) When there is BGP down at  some specific location.

   From the above two cases the we can see the devices status to be down but the fact the actual status of the devices  are  not down in the second scenario.

   Just need a suggestion or solution to identify the reason for  down status of the device whether it is power  outage or due to BGP down.

   Please provide some technical solution to configure or to write a script in solarwinds making sure that the devices were down due to Power  outage or BGP down.







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There are BGP alerts available within NPM and you can also get the info via SNMP Trap or Syslog into NPM. Same goes for power events based on the types of power equipment, UPS's etc you are using. Your answer would be based upon how your environment is set up and the collection of metrics you can obtain. 

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  HI Bob,

  Thanks for your  quick reply and suggestions.🙂

   Yes there are alerts configured for  BGP & also for UPS.Need to  check on Power events.

My interest is to know any power is  down at site we have to be informed by  Solarwinds , this is what I am looking for.

Suggest if there is any way  to configure to know the  status of the node is  down  due to power outage.





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