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Level 7

Need help with a False alert

I am very new to Solar winds. I have a switch added to Solar winds for monitoring. The polling method is SNMP. Since the past few days I am getting an alert stating : High Packet Loss - 0 %. The trigger condition is Node Percent loss > 20% and I confirmed that there is no packet loss on this node. 


What can be the issue ?




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Level 17

I think the default setting for the alert on the 'High Packet Loss' & 'High Packet Loss Monitoring' is 40.

If the Subject line is "ALERT: Packet loss for ${NodeName} is abnormally high", disable the Alert titled 'High response time' or copy and edit if that alert is needed.

This needs an edit if you are going to use the alert (in my mind) because the Subject Line does not really match the text in the email body, nor the alert name.

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Level 12

HI there

have a look to see if its another alert triggering this and not the one you have set up, it could be an out of box one

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Level 13

What is exact the trigger condition and what is Type of Property to monitor for alert ?

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Level 11

What SNMP version are you using? I've seen the same on v1 and v2. v3 I haven't experienced...yet.

Additionally you may need to adjust the threshold to require 3-4 polling cycles before alerting. 

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I am using SNMP v2

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