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Need help with Interface monitoring.

Can anyone help me with figuring out a way to remove all access interfaces out of monitoring? I have through a painful process removed about 3000 and I still have around another 17k interfaces to remove. Someone added devices and didn't uncheck the interfaces, this leaves me with clean up work now to complete.

It's funny that in interface details it shows what type of port the interface is. For example, access , trunk, etc. I have found it in the database too. Yet, It's not an option for alerting and or reporting. Nor do I see an option to basically group these interfaces and in one shot just set them all to unplugged for example.

It's exhausting when only option your left with is to get device by device checking all interfaces and then clicking unplugged on them. Or removing them. It's how I got 3 k interfaces removed over a period of a week.

I'm grateful for any help anyone can provide.

thank you!

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This may help.

If you go into Manage Nodes and change the Show box from Nodes to Interfaces it lists all the interfaces. You could then sort by name and in this view you can do a select all. At least that does allow some bulk deletes.


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Yes. This is exactly what I've been doing. But when your in an environment of over 3k network devices and more than half need the ports deleted. Doing this will take a very very long time. This is why I was trying to find a different way.

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This reminds me of misguided Admins that add AppInsight IIS and SQL to hundreds of unintended boxes.

Nightmare in motion.


Maybe a dynamic group could help here? Is there text in the name of these interfaces that is common to all?  Not found in desired interfaces?

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Only thing that is common is that these are access ports. Names differ, locations differ, etc. I've been trying to research this for a while now.

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