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Level 8

Need a multiple Interfaces Utilization Graph in a single View

HI All,

I need to poll some interfaces Bandwidth Utilization Graph weekly and monthly basis. Have you any script or Idea we can take multiple interface graph in a single view not in a single graph.

Please advice


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I've done something similar to this in the past; perhaps you can leverage my process and customize it to your needs:

But I have one query...

I have run a query in power shell script for Utilization report which was working like that you need to give date in power shell command and in output you can get same Utilization graph as you have given date in power shell.

can you please help on this ?

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Can you share a screen shot of what you're trying to do, and what's failing?

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Thanks a lot....

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Level 12

If I'm reading this correctly, you want to generate a report that displays two charts for the same interface(s), one being a weekly and the other a monthly?  Interesting idea - I'll think about it

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No I want weekly selected interfaces utilization graphs on a single page .

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