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NPM version 12.0.1 and Bias Current Sensor Warnings

I am currently running NPM 12.0.1 and am receiving "Bias Current Sensor" warnings on numerous interfaces on a Cisco 4500 running  Software (cat4500e-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 03.06.03.E RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3).  If I log into the 4500 and check the status of the alerting interfaces all results are within the normal range.  How do I either turn off the bias current sensor alerts or change the thresholds so they report only on valid issues?

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Thresholds are based on best practices.

Checking status against the device is not very efficient, comparing the values polled thought is the best way to troubleshoot.

If Cisco has a different threshold on this device, just adjust on SolarWinds to warn on the same threshold.

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The difference is all the false alerts we were getting. 


You have an SFP based fiber port and unplug the patch cable, you get current and voltage alerts because the SFP is still there.  It still draws a tiny bit of current, but the sensor goes critical for under current conditions to support the laser for the fiber.  But this was intentional, because the link is no longer needed and you unplugged the patch cable.  You just left the SFP in place as much as a place to store it as anything else.

We had hundreds of false alerts from unused ports that we had to turn off.

John Handberg
Level 13

We had a lot of that as well.  We ended up turning those off.  Go to All Settings and look for Manage Hardware Sensors in the Node & Group Management block.  You should be able to find the sensors you need either by device or searching.  We had tons of these and I searched for "Bias".  You can turn them off, or change the thresholds.  Under editing  the thresholds, there are multiple selections like setting your own, forcing the device "Up", or using the Orion defaults.

John Handberg