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NPM as a CMDB for Thin APs - how please?

We use custom properties fairly extensively to essentially turn NPM into a CMDB. It doesn't have every bell and whistle but mostly covers off what we need.

One area it is sadly lacking, and I believe there are open requests for this is polling of the WLC to extract more info than it currently does. As a consequence, we are currently adding to our workload by creating an ICMP only node for each Thin AP so that we can populate custom properties such as site, location, serial, etc - we don't alert on these ICMP nodes but use the WLC up/down alert instead.

A second method we use is to have the necessary details in a spreadsheet but that adds effort that has to be remembered and can't be included into a SWI search/report.

Has anybody got a suggestion for how to just use the WLC for up/down but somehow combine the power of custom properties with each AP to turn it into a better CMDB?

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