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Level 12

NPM and VMAN question

So long story short 🙂 really its never short

So I have both NPM and VM integrated and its lovely 🙂

New Servers get spun up with in the Virtual environment so they show technically with in Virtualization summary but are really not managed nodes with in Orion. I tend to get a email ( sometimes ) from the server teams that a new server is up and running asking me to add it  but sometimes I stumble across them as bounce around NPM.

Question:  Is there a report or something i can set up to show me whats not managed in orion , maybe i missing it ? and how do other people deal with this as it drives me crazy ?



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Level 17

‌the object type of vms that were disovered in vman should be vNodes. You can try to build a custom table based report that shows all the vnodes. Im not sure if it will exclude orion nodes automatically but that can be sorted with custom sql / swql. but that is where i would start

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