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NPM and NCM Scheduled Database Backups via SQL Managment Studio


I have recently Installed NPM and NCM in our environment. The DB's are housed on a shared SQL 2008 R2 instance on Windows Cluster which is maintained (backups, maintenance task etc.) by the DBA team. 

I was reading the DB move documentation and noticed it said to stop the Orion services before performing a backup. Should this be happening for the daily and weekly DB backups (configured via SQL Management Studio not with the Solarwinds Backup Manager)? If so what are the ramifications for not stopping the services? As SQL is managed via a different department in our organisation it would be difficult to coordinate the regular backups with me having to manually stop the Orion services beforehand.



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No worries about stopping the services when you take the backup.

For the database move, they just don't want to store a poll after the backup, but before the restore and re-config.  You *could* do a hot backup and restore to a new database server then run the config wizard, but it's not "best practice".

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Thanks Netlogix!  That puts my mind at ease.

I have another question open -  about automating the Web backup. I haven't had a response. Was hoping that you may have some experience with that also. 😉

Thanks again,


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