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NPM Version 10 Installed w/ NCM Version 6

So I installed NPM v10 on Friday and following good practice also installed NCM v6. Upon doing so, I noticed that my syslog event viewer was no longer working in the web interface. I looked into this further today and found that the NCM syslog and trap server took presidence. Is there a reason I should choose one over the other NCM vs NPM for syslog and trap services. I just want to get other users opinions.

Personally, NPM has been perfectly fine. I'm interested in the Kiwi functions built into the new NPM v10 syslog server.

Thanks in advance and have a perfect day!


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Product Manager
Product Manager

I believe the NCM Syslog server is only needed if you want real time change detection

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I believe the NCM Syslog server is only needed if you want real time change detection

So, are you saying that NPM syslog will not work for this?  What is NPM and NCM are running on the same box?


I just upgraded to NCM 6.1 on a box with NPM 10.1.1 and now the NPM syslog will not start because there are 2 syslog services.

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realtime config change will work with NPM syslog (I am doing this).  I don't think it would work if syslog is separated from NCM.  (NPM on Server A recieving syslogs, but Server B running NCM - to do that, you need to forward specific syslogs to server B)

I use NPM's syslog and disable NCM's.

I think the reason there is two is just an overlap and maybe it will be cleaned up later; I think NCM is in the process of being grafted into the Orion Core structure and these type of overlaps will go away (at least this is what I am hoping - solarwinds doesn't like to give away plans until the concrete has completely dried).

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