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NPM : Unable to get data

Hello, Im starting with Solarwinds NPM and I have 2 licences, one for NPM 10.3 and other one for 11.5

I installed 10.3 but web console show devices only not data ewlated them (Server show disk but no use status, CPU without consume, link without traffic).

I tried to find this problem in administrator manual, without success.

Could you help me ???

Rgds from Chile


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Wow a very old NPM and a brand new one... Was someone in the middle of an upgrade or something?  Could you give us some background on what the situation is?  I'm a little confused what's happening and where you're at?  Without knowing much you want to get on 11.5 not 10.3... If you are under support that will definately help.

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Hello ecklerwr1, Thanks for your reply.

I want to use 10.3 in an internal network (11.5 is reserved for corporate use). This is not an upgrade.

I have two licenses and want to use both (is a little expensive the 10.3 upgrade and obviously without support at this moment)

10.3 I have the license and I want to use this (I know that is old but for the purpouses is enought)

I installed other times and without problems but now I can see only the nodes not information related them.

I dont know what happend, the information related the server where I installed this is not showed (CPU, Memory, Disk, Traffic in the interfaces).


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Same things that applied with 10.3 years ago still apply today... If this is new do you a have a firewall that could be blocking some of the traffic from the poller?  Is NPM talking to the database alright?  Also after adding nodes it takes a little while for the stats to start populating the database enough to show graphs etc.

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Im not using a firewall, this is a test environment.

Regarding NPM talking with database I asume it´s working, how I can check this ?

I have this running from yesterday and no data.

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on your main app box, open the DB manager. Connect/open the default server and then you can browse through some of your DB tables.

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