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Level 9

NPM Software Key


I am now upgrading my NPM9.5.0 to 10.3.0. As per the procedure I have just upgraded to the next level of 10.0 and I am now in need of a valid registration/activation key to move forward. I am not able to find a valid key for 10.0v on my customer portal as the one I have related to 10.3v.

Kindly help.Assistance reqd ASAP.


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Level 9

Thanks Pavel,

I had to do as you said..Poor support from Solarwinds on Saturdays and Sundays... The TAC engineer said, she is the only person in the whole world to support on Sat and Sunday

Successfully migrated to NPM 10.3 from 9.5.. it rocks

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Thanks for the feedback, pskfun. It's good to hear that the update process went well.

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Level 12

Hi pskfun,

you can install NPM 10.0 in eval and then upgrade to licensed NPM 10.3.



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