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NPM, Pollers, and Formatting Web Console Resources

I have been trying to learn my way through the Universal Device Pollers by making some test pollers on some of my more obscure nodes. Some poller data is displayed in a curious a way. I have watched a few videos in the support site and done some searches/reading here at thwack, and I still have a couple of questions.

An example of what I am trying to accomplish is in the attached image.

I have tried a couple of embeded custom reports but that also causes me a that is a whole other can of confusion.

(Customized built in templates will accept filters from the web console resource and Advanced SQL reports are ingnoring the filters.)

So, other than with a report, is there a way to customize a web console resource?

If an embedded report is the only way to get what I am wanting, is there any way to get the Advanced SQL report to accept the web console resource filters ?


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