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Level 9

NPM, NCM Integration and Virtualization

We currently have NPM SLX and NCM running on two separate physical servers each running their own SQL instances.  The ultimate goal is one virtual server running both (and perhaps one physical server for the SQL).  I've got a couple questions about this type of setup.

  1. My understanding of the SQL backend is that there is an NPM instance on both servers.  How does the integration work in such a case specifically in regards to combining the SQL databases?
  2. I see that virtualization is supported, but that it is recommended that the SQL instance be housed on a separate physical box, and the VM be given a dedicated NIC.  Any other virtualization caveats?
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Level 8

Why would you put ncm/npm on separate servers?

When you have separate npm installations i think it's best to use EOC.

I don't know much about the virtualisation. We have our sql server on a virtual server and it works great.


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The reasons for the separate servers are unimportant, and EOC goes beyond what we need to support (the NCM and NPM instances monitor the same set of nodes).

Bottom line, we need to bring these two instances together on one, preferably virtual, machine.  With an external SQL server (if that is best practice).

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We have both NPM, NCM, and IPAM all running on 1 virtual server with a separate physical box for SQL.  System is running fine.  Every now and then it seemed to have issues and they said we were low on the server specs but the sp's seem to have calmed all of that down.

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