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NPM Future Scalability


We get a lot of requests from enterprise organisation interested is unsung SolarWinds ORION in Hugh global deployments. Therefore I am acutely interested in the following billed new features coming up:

  • Scalability Improvements - For example, increasing total element count per instance and adjusting UI workflows to work better in scale environments.
  • Remote Collector - New, agent based collector for distributed environments and hybrid deployments
  • Next Generation Orion Mapping
  • Centralized Upgrades
  • New Scalability Engines Installer

Please let me know urgently how I can get on the BETA program to help you TEST/EVALUATE the new features as they are being developed.



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Product Manager
Product Manager

For the scalability engines installer, would you like to let me watch your next upgrade? I'd like to see your environment and see what we can do for getting your feedback earlier for that and the centralized upgrade improvements.

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