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NPM Fails logging on 1 machine only

Have a server diagnostics shows there is a logon issue from SolarWinds NOC. All other servers are OK but this one server is causing our SolarWinds server to generate an event id 1000. SolarWinds TS told me the login is failing and needs to be updated. I did so in NOC by going into the Node Details Management then updating the credentials but it still fails. 25 plus other server have no issues except that one. 

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I should look at. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

Placid Auguste.




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Verify if you can connect to the node and if it accepts your credentials:



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Hi @PlacidAuguste 

What credentials are these ? SNMP, WMI or something else ? What server is it Windows, Linux or some other device?

Did you try re-adding the node ? If you have additional pollers in your environment, try to add the same node on a different poller and test if supplied credentials are working fine, if credential test is failing and you are using SNMP or WMI then ask your platform team to restart SNMP or WMI on the end device and give it a try again.

Hope it helps.


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