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Level 7

NPM Engine Status from System Manager

What does this represent (red boxes)? To me they do not sound like "good" values to be reporting back. Can someone please explain this to me (attached screen shot).

If screen shot does not appear here are the values (bolded are my concern):

Orion Network Performance Monitor Version 9.1.0
NetPerfMon Engine 
Network Node Elements 117
Interface Elements 403
Volume Elements 558
Date Time 10/27/2008 1:56:00 PM
Paused False
Max Outstanding Polls 900
Status Pollers 
ICMP Status Polling Index 1078 out of 1078
SNMP Status Polling Index 782 out of 1078
ICMP Polls per second 8.5
SNMP Polls per second 25
Max Status Polls Per Second 25
Packet Queues 
DNS Outstanding 0
ICMP Outstanding 62
SNMP Outstanding 123

Statistics Pollers 
ICMP Statistic Polling Index 1581 out of 1581
SNMP Statistic Polling Index 477 out of 1581
ICMP Polls per second 22.5
SNMP Polls per second 35
Max Statistic Polls Per Second 35 




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Level 14

You may find some more information in the Administrator Guide:

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Level 17

 Those numbers should be fluctuating except for the Max Outstanding Polls 900 which is a static number. (The number of oustanding polls Orion will continue to poll until it goes above 900)

The other three appear at the time of the screenshot the  "SNMP Status Polling Index 782 out of 1078" was simply polling # 782.

Hope that helps. 

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