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NPM DDBB Lightweight installation to Standard Installation

We were testing NPM with the Lightweight installation to show solarwinds to a client.

We were monitoring a lot devices and configured maps, universal device poller, custom properties, views, etc

Now our client want to move all devices that we tested and solarwinds to the production enviroment.

Is there a way to migrate the database from SQLExpress to a SQL 2016 or SQL 2017? Is SQLExpress compatible with SQL 2016/2017?

We would like to avoid start from scrach but we would like to know too if the migration is problematic and can be a headache.


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Just follow the migration guide here and there should not be a problem.

Migrate the SolarWinds Orion SQL database to a new server - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Supp...

Also if you want to remove SQL express from that server follow the KB below to remove the dependencies from SQL Express.

Unable to stop SQL Express services after database migration - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and S...

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Thank you very much, I will follow the steps in the guide.

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