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NPM - Bulk disable statistics on access ports

Hi All,

We have about 55,000 interface elements we are monitoring in NPM. The majority of interfaces are access ports where we are really interested in the availability stats, with trunk ports the primary focus for the traffic and error statistics.

I know this can be done manually per node but with over 1200 nodes that's a very time consuming process. Is there an easy way to bulk disable interface statistics (specifically traffic and error) on access ports only across all nodes?

Any help would be appreciated


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Has anyone answered this yet?

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I'm pretty sure you would need to do this in the database. The table you need to look at is called Pollers. You will need to set the Enabled field to false for the pollers I.StatisticsErrors32.SNMP.ifTable and I.StatisticsTraffic.SNMP.Universal. You will need to match up the interface ID in the NetObject value following the I: prefix with the ID in the Interfaces table.

I think you're spot on there, i'm just not familiar enough with the Solarwinds SQL table structure to build a query that would only target the specific ports I'm after. I'll have a closer look today and see what results I can come back with and maybe (not sure if it would even help) log a support case about it

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I agree, that is where things escalate to a higher level...even if you have a DBA in your company, explaining what is needed to them is not probably not going to get you far, hence why almost all DBA departments are outsourced now because you might as well have been talking to a third party even though they were right next door...we do have an ace in the hole that could create a an SQL command to do that, but I guess I was hoping Solarwinds could provide some SQL framework to help the common Joe as part of the product to clean up and rectify something like adding all active ports on discovery as the default...

If the default behaviour is to bulk add every active interface on a discovery and ignore the fact that that is will quickly exhaust elements, they should provide some kind of sql builder to bulk remove...I shouldn't need to consult with a DBA to create and SQL script to back out an over aggressive import.  I'm not asking for the world, but maybe an SQL builder of some sort...I don't want to have a test Solarwinds environment just so I can test an SQL script I slapped togehter to try and disable interfaces....Solarwinds built the schema, they need to provide some tools for the common Joe to clean up all the bulk useless crap that always finds it's way in.

There just has to be something better that Solarwinds can offer to the customer then talk to your DB to build a script to clean up the mess we allowed you to make...I already have my hands full as a Network Admin.  I don't need the headache trying to play around with SQL deletions on a production database...I guess I'm hoping for a framework for a lackey like me could use.

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Wow, I have the same type of question I posted just after yours.  Funny how a search for something like this comes up with nothing, but with 1 hour two people ask the same basic question...lets hope for an answer and not have our posts disappear...

Yeh I did quite a bit of searching hoping to find an answer - and I admit i did find fairly similar questions but it was all based on single nodes and not a massive number

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Any answer to this yet?

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