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Level 7

NPM Alerts - Alert on more than x alerts but also alert while under x alerts but not both

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if its possible to setup an alert which triggers on individual nodes down but then also have an alert which suppresses the first alert which triggers if more than x amount of nodes are down.

So for example if one node goes down at site A, then we get an alert saying which node is down. But if more than 10 nodes are down, we get a separate alert which states that a potentially critical problem exists at Site A because more then 10 nodes are down.


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Level 8

I'm still new to the software so I won't be much help, but during the #SWUG there was mention of being able to utilize dependencies and basically group together these types of nodes to minimize and group alerts together, if I remember correctly.  Sorry I'm not more help but hopefully a veteran of the software can chime in because I'd want to know the solution to this as well.

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