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NPM Alert

i have deployed solarwind NPM10.1.3 in my headquarter company. there are several branch offices in my company. there is a network engineer who is responsible for the local network  in each branch office .  I want to know how to set the warning  messages based on the each  branch's administrator in NPM. i hope that the  London's administrator only can reveive the london's network warning message, the administrator in other site  can't receive the london's warning message.thanks.

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What we did to solve this problem was to assign a custom property called "site".  We settled on three character abbreviation for each of our local offices, then as we would add devices we would use the site custom property to categorize their locations.

Once that was done it became very easy to have advanced alerts that were for a single site or group of sites going to the various staff who responsible for that site.

I attached a view one of our alerts that uses the "site" custom property. The best policy is to keep things simple.

By the way we used site property for a lot of other things as well,  it is used to assign devices to resources and also to generate the dynamic queries for groups so we can more effectively manage our dependencies.


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What newkidd is saying will also make the web page cleaner, but like he said, it's a bit of work, but an alternative would be to create a cutom field called "LocalContact" (or similar), fill it with the appropriate email addresses (comma seperated) and make the to or cc field ${LocalContact} . This will only affect who gets the emails, but if thats what you are looking for, then this is easier.

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I believe that the scenario you're describing requires a combination of features in Orion NPM.  Depending on how many branch offices your company has, there could be quite a bit of work. Please, read below:

Part I:  Defining Limitations on what each user can view:

  1. Create Device Groups:  These device groups would be defined geographically, containing devices for each branch.
  2. Assign Device Filters to Orion user accounts (and/or) user group accounts.  Once you click Edit on the applicable user account (or user group), use the Add Limitation button.  At this stage, select the applicable Device Group to be associated with the user or the user group.

Part II:  Definining Alerts for each user:

  1. Login onto the Orion NPM server and use Advanced Alerts Manager.  Since you wish for specific alerts for each branch office, then you'll need to setup individual alerts for each branch.  That is, unless someone in this forum knows of a way to get around that limitation.  Anyway, make sure that you switch to the Group option under the Type of Property to Monitor  (Trigger Condition tab).

By the way, setting up SysLog and SNMP Traps alerts is much more complicated.  This is due to the fact that only the Advanced Alerts Manager allow you to use filters like Groups.  So, if you do need those as well, this will be quite a bit of more work. 

Again, depending on how many branches you have, you could end up spending quite a bit of work.  I would suggest you creating a fake Orion User account to help you with the setup. You can use that fake Orion User account and assign Group Limitations, so you can get a feel of what each branch manager will see.

I hope this helps,

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