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NPM 2020.2.1 Is there a way to convert maps created in Network Atlas to Orion's Network Maps?

We recently upgraded to NPM 2020.2.1.  When I go to Network Maps, none of the 100's of maps we have created are showing up in the Maps list.  Is there a way to convert the Network Atlas maps to the Network Maps format in Orion?  I would hate to have to recreate all of them over again.

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Nope, eoc maps were just a slightly changed version of Atlas.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Product Manager
Product Manager

@ed.selig There is not a migration tool currently available to port Network Atlas Maps to the web-based Orion Maps. There have been many discussions on this and it is a well known request, however I would recommend submitting a feature request for others to vote it up. 

It would be great to hear more about your expectations with the tool. Do you expect everything to be migrated over exactly how it is currently set in Atlas? Would you expect custom icons, connections, images, and layout to all be there or would creating an Orion Maps project with the same name and set of entities be enough? 

Can you share some screenshots of example maps in your environment?

Most of the maps are pretty basic but we have a large number of them . There are some complex maps also, but there are less of them. I would include one of them but it would take me a while to blank out all the sensitive data.  I saw their was a tool to convert maps into EOC.  Would that type of tool work for this?  


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That tool is an old out-dated tool for Network Atlas only, not to convert anything to Orion Maps. The latest version of EOC also includes a fully functional Orion Maps where you can build maps from EOC or choose to show off maps from your instances through an Orion Maps widget. These are all based on Orion Maps though and not functional for Network Atlas. A migration tool is something we are looking into but we will have to see. 

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