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Level 12

NPM 12 Navigation & Home Link

I'm not sure if this can be done with the new menu system or if this would be a feature request, but in the collapsed menu view you either have to click or hover 3 times in order to get back to your Home page.  If you use Expanded view then it is 2 clicks.  Anyway to maybe make the logo in the upper left corner also be a link to a users default home page? 

Also when using Netpath, there is no close or exit, you have to use the browser back button unless I'm missing something?


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Level 8

I agree it would be nice to have an easier link back to home... any ideas anyone?

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Level 10

Regarding NetPath, what would be the expected way to get back to the Service Monitors page?

Rick Matejka

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A close, exit or back to Netpath link/button etc.

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Level 12

The more I use it, it is 3 clicks to get to any of the modules Summary pages.

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