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NPM 12.4 - additional website - after logon - Windows login pop-up appears

  • We recently had a db outage.  After the outage, our additional web servers started pulling an additional windows pop-up dialog after logging in like this.  If we click out of this we get "session expired."



  • We checked the IIS settings.  Normally I think Forms authentication should be "enabled" and Windows authentication should be "disabled."  We opened support Case # 00474043 and support told us we need to upgrade to 2019.4.  We tried reinstalling the Additional web server and we have the same problem.

Has anyone encountered this problem and found a resolution?   Thanks.

We also found this KB article which did not fix the problem:

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I had the same problem a few times but each time was a different cause:

1. .NET different versions on web server and Main server ( also sometime an additional Microsoft security patch)

2. Licence store was corrupted

3. Ports between main pooler and Aditional web server where not opened : TCP 17777,17778,5671,1801

4. Problem connecting from the additional web server to the database

I found that the fastes solution is to create a new VM , patches to the same level as the main solarwinds server and same .Net version . Also if posible just give it a diferent name and IP from the initial aditional webserv.

Ultimately support told us this is a known issue with 12.4 and we should upgrade to 2019.4.  We have an upgrade coming anyways so we will try it. It sounds like building a new VM and just setting up a new web server is the easiest solution. It's just not easy for us to trade in our VM's.

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