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NPM 12.4.52 Web Console Multiple Authentication Prompts

I'm moving NPM from Win2012 to 2016 with a different IP & hostname & a local SQL server

After a successful installation, when a local or remote user tries to load the web console there are multiple login requests & redirects to the login screen making it unusable

I followed these directions: Migrate SolarWinds Orion products to a new server with a new IP and hostname - SolarWinds Worldwide,...

Despite searching Thwack, I haven't found anything that helps:

    I've disabled Forms Authentication in the IIS Manager for this site

    I've enabled & disabled "automatic login using Windows Authentication" in the config wizard

    I've done a complete re-install of NPM

    DNS records are in place

I opened a support ticket but it's been ignored so far (opened yesterday)

Any ideas?

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Hi @ermine,

Just wondering what you found to resolve your issue (assuming you did due to the post date being over a year ago).

Was it related to IIS having both "Forms Authentication" and "Windows Authentication" enabled simultaneously?

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