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NPM 12.2 Upgrade Experience Feedback?

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Anyone have any upgrade experiences for the general release?

We are looking to upgrade our entire SW suite in addition to NPM and would like to hear any feedback.

Also, is the RC code the same as the GR code?

Thanks in advance

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This thread has been super helpful and given us many conversation points and feedback. However, the thread is now gotten unwieldy and hard to parse through the feedback. I'm locking this thread and for those of you who are participating in our RCs, invite you to come give additional feedback on my post  Orion Platform: Preparing for the Upgrade to 2018.2  in the NPM release candidate forum. Once we are out of RC, I'll be starting a new topic thread for upgrade feedback for NPM 12.3.

Thank you and for those of you with whom I have ongoing conversations, we'll find other avenues to move forward on those topics.

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The main one right now is Case # 1291329 but if you could look at 1243657 as well.

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serena​ can correct me if I'm mistaken, but simply clicking 'Ok, Got it' should make this notification go away forever for your user account.

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Seems to be based on a cookie.  Log in on a different machine and you get the pop up again.

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The 'ok, got it' is not based on a cookie. This issue is also fixed with hotfix 1 which is available for download through the Customer Portal.

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Yes clicking "ok got it" will persist the setting to not show this any more. Clicking away from the popup or anywhere not the link that confirms "ok got it" won't persist it to stay away, it will just dismiss it for this login.

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We get the same pop up over and over and over as well,  and yes we click it but it keeps coming back.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

There was one case where it wasn't being dismissed but that was fixed in a hotfix. Have you upgraded to the latest hotfixes for the platform?

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We built out a new server to finally get off of 2008.   I was rather dreading this migration and update but it could not have been smoother.   I scheduled a 6 hour downtime window and we were back up and running in just over two ( and of course half of that time was waiting for the Website Optimization to complete )    We migrated/updated  NPM, NCM, IPAM, SAM, WPM and NTA.   No issues.

Did you use the installer or use the individual installers?  I had issues with the 12.1 upgrade using the installer on APEs that required gutting SW from the APEs and installing manually.  NTA was the isssue.

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Thanks. So you built a new box(s) and pointed to old DB?

I’m doing in place. And support is giving me wildly conflicting upgrade plans since the PUA has the known bugs.

I would like to comment and possibly give you some helpful advice to get from Win Server2008 R2 to an upgrade path to at least 2012.

FIRST, PLEASE take back ups of ALL servers that you are using for Solarwinds. That would mean the primary server with NPM, etc and the secondary server for NTA as well as the Database server. (of course any secondary pollers are included in this steam but are thought of as accepted thought. Please STOP all pollers before proceeding. You should update them while the others are being updated, as best as you can.)

One note, if you have not upgraded your database server yet, please find a server with at least SQL2014 on it. If you need to build one, that has SQL 2014 on it, then so be it. MOVE the database by using export and import in SQL. Consult your local SQL expert for assistance!

Now the steps we successfully took to get to where you are headed:

First, convert the secondary server for NTA. This will give  you some experience in how the steps flow. Besides, practice is good when only a secondary agent based server is involved. It is much easier to restore and gives needed confidence.

2. Once you have shut the server apps down, get the install for Win Server2012 from Microsoft. Install that version and then note that the Registry will need to be modified per Microsoft's KB found here:

Knowledgebase: Known Issue with Windows and Windows Server Technical Preview in a pre-Windows Server...

This is noted if you are the first to have a 2012 or greater server version.

3. Do all of the upgrades to 2012.         I will note a shortcut, that we did, if you go further, later in this step list.

4. You should have re-booted your server multiple times during the upgrade and the subsequent updates.  Do that re-boot one more time even though the system doesn't ask for it.

5. If you are on the secondary server for NTA, ALL of the services should have started. If you did the registry hack mentioned above, you should see all of them running. If you get an error for YOUR machine, please note it and consult the MS website. We did not have any problems after the KB hack above.

6. If you are on the Primary server for NPM and you have followed the steps mentioned already, start all of the tasks for SW products. If you get a message that states the Solarwindsagent64 failed, re-install the agent by using the repair function from the config manager (as if you were installing the software for the first time. Take the "Repair" option.)

7. Once you are satisfied that NPM,NCM, NTA and such are running, you should be good to go at the Winserver2012 level.

HERE COMES THE SHORTCUT mentioned above should you upgrade to the next level of Winserver.

8. In our case, we upgraded to WinServer2016 for the applications servers, NPM, ETC. and the secondary NTA server.

The steps are the same as above, starting with installing WinServer2012 BUT:

9. Don't bother with the 2012 upgrades. You DO need to put the registry update in, as mentioned above. Then upgrade to WinServe2016!

10. Since Winserver2016 seems to fulfill all of the 2012 updates in a cumulative fashion, there is no need to do them. YOU MUST do the Winserver2016 updates; all of them.

11. Once 2016 is installed, make sure that all tasks, including the SW tasks, start. We had a problem with task "SolarwindsAgent64". It threw an error that seemed familiar but, we just re-installed the task "SolarwindsAgent64" in the repair function and all was well.

12. REBOOT the server yet again, please!

13. Make sure that all functions and tasks start.

14. Once the tasks and the WEBSITE have started, go into each function of the software to load it. Your Summary page first, then the sub-pages from the pull down and then each application such as NTA, NCM, etc. The first time, they will be very slow to come up. It seems that IIS and its sub-tasks need to load them once, first. ALSO note, NETPATH seems to have to start for some reason. That is found in the drop down under NETWORK -> NETPATH, if you have that running.

15. Watch your memory consumption and add more as needed. This is much easier if you are on VM, of course. Add more disk space as well.

16. Once the system is fully up, it seems to go faster. Eventually, it will be necessary to add more memory and disk space.

Give the system some time to function, especially NetPath and NTA. They seem to take a little more time to gather data at start up.

Have at it.

I hope this give you a basis for upgrading.

NOW you can start with your upgrades to the new version of the software.


we have upgraded the 12.1 version to the latest version 12.2 and installed other modules and from 13 September 2017 CPU utilization is above 95% on main poller and additional polling engines. Dev environment is also showing the same behavior. Core BusinessLayerHost  and NCM Businesslayer process eating up around 70% of the CPU. Now Development team asked to for the procdump to check what is the issue. Still Support don't have any definite answer why it is happening.

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We had a similar issue after upgrading to version 12.1 where we had a memory leak.  It turns out our problem was related to a bad dashboard.  The dashboard was doing a long running query that never finished and spike memory.  It has been my experience with the product most CPU and memory issues are tied back to something that we have done environmentally.  We have had better experiences after applying all the latest hot fixes.

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Keep us posted on this...

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Yes, built out a new server and brought it up using the name/ip of our older server.   Installed software and updated all in one step using our old DB.   As worried as I was about this one it turned out to be the smoothest SW upgrade I have ever done.
Roughly followed this upgrade doc

Product Manager
Product Manager

Wonderful! thanks for the feedback

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Interesting.  I'm a version back--NPM 12.0.1.  The PUA says it can't handle the upgrade to 12.2.  Some internal SW folks told me in a Thwack meeting today that I had to download another set of app installers to get the job done.  Then Support told me to just use the PUA to get to 12.1, then use the NEW PUA to go to 12.2.

Sadly I'm dealing with Server 2008 issues, so until I get the new VM licensing for 2012 resolved, I'm on hold for 12.2.

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@ rschroeder were you able to upgrade from 12.01 to 12.2, skipping 12.1? I was trying to upgrade 12.01 to 12.1 in my lab environment and it corrupted my installation. I'm re-installing 12.01 and then going to try going directly to 12.2 this time.

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Yes, I successfully did that migration from 12.01 to 12.2.  However, I added in some extra steps, and the initial upgrade to 12.2 had significant issues that were later resolved with changes to the product (hot fixes were released, new Installers were released) that I wish I had waited for.  I was pretty hot to get the new product in place, and I spent three months worth of troubleshooting that would have been bypassed by sampling waiting for the stable product and installers and hotfixes.

Some of the extra steps I did at the time of the upgrade added too many straws to the camel's back, and I wouldn't do them close to a future upgrade.  They included:

  • Bring up two new APE's to replace old ones, using new IP addresses.  That was a mistake because I had a lot of network devices physically configured to respond only to the old IP addresses.  Next time I won't be so conservative for being able to do fast failbacks to the old APE's IP addresses, and will just shut the old APE's down and use their addresses on replacement APE's.
  • I changed licensing from the individual SW modules to NAM.  This was a huge win for many reasons:
    • Annual Support contract costs with Solarwinds decreased
    • Buying NAM got me several modules I needed but hadn't been able to afford, including IPAM, UDT, and VNQM.
    • NAM also provides HA, but I haven't implemented it yet.
    • I needed more APE's; NAM got me the ability to have up to twenty APE's at no extra charge per APE.
    • I'd run out of  licenses to monitor more elements to handle recent network node growth, and NAM let me expand from four SLX licenses (10K elements each) to 100,000 elements spread across up to twenty APE's.

So my upgrade was made unnecessarily complex and involved more problems because of all these factors.

  • The first gen of NPM's 12.2 upgrade software wasn't ready for Prime Time.  Waiting would have saved me three months of troubleshooting & tickets.
  • Changing IP addresses on APE's was more impactful than I realized.
  • Adding more SW modules resulted in a lot more time spent troubleshooting them than necessary, due to the 12.2 installer bugs mentioned above

After mid-January, the hot fixes were at a level to correct all the mistakes and errors that came in October.  If I'd waited until then to upgrade, I would have had a much simpler and quicker experience.

I would not hesitate to upgrade from 12.01 to 12.2 now; the installer works great now!

Now if they just had a NAM option with SAM I'd be in good shape!  I don't understand why SAM would be left out of the NAM bundle since it seems to be pretty big help with automation?

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We actually provide an add on option for NAM called ACM. Application Centric Monitoring | SolarWinds  this include SAM & WPM as part of the package!

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