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NPM 12.2 Upgrade Experience Feedback?

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Anyone have any upgrade experiences for the general release?

We are looking to upgrade our entire SW suite in addition to NPM and would like to hear any feedback.

Also, is the RC code the same as the GR code?

Thanks in advance

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Product Manager

This thread has been super helpful and given us many conversation points and feedback. However, the thread is now gotten unwieldy and hard to parse through the feedback. I'm locking this thread and for those of you who are participating in our RCs, invite you to come give additional feedback on my post  Orion Platform: Preparing for the Upgrade to 2018.2  in the NPM release candidate forum. Once we are out of RC, I'll be starting a new topic thread for upgrade feedback for NPM 12.3.

Thank you and for those of you with whom I have ongoing conversations, we'll find other avenues to move forward on those topics.

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Please see my reply later  in the thread. It might help you.


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We have upgraded to 12.2 successfully. But, since we had an additional poller, had faced some problems on additinal poller, while upgrading from 11.5.3. Here are the Pros and Cons.


You have to upgrade up to NPM 12.0 along with SAM to 6.3, NCM to 7.5, etc., manually download each version and upgrade.

For NTA you have to manually upgrade to 4.2.3 on NTA DB server (which is a remote to Primary poller). On primary poller you have to upgrade till 4.2.1

The catch here is, everything you have to manually download and upgrade on additional poller with the corresponding poller version.

You have to take the pain and it takes hell lot of time, if your DB is having more size. Each version, after installation, the Solarwinds Configuration Wizard would start and takes time depending on the module. For NPM, it may take 1-2 hours and for SAM 40 to 60 minutes. Because of this, we had to do in 2 phases.

Here it took 16 hours to complete up to 12.0 and other modules


From 12.0 you can directly use 12.2 Orion (single) installer.

It really does all tests and show you what has to be done before proceeding

It shows a warning, you have to do the manual upgrade of NTA before or after on NTA server. I did before to from 4.2.1 to 4.2.3 directly on NTA DB server

IMPORTANT warning shows that you need to run the 12.2 Orion installer with local administrator user-id and not with domain admin id.

Pay attention to the warnings before to proceed and then it would finish installation of all the licensed modules in 30-40 minutes (depending on number of moudles you own)

Then it prompts you to download addtional poller software, and shows all the additional poller details. You have to download the Scalability Engine software for additional pollers. It would take care of downloading all packages from primary poller and install it on additional poller.

We could finish in 6 hours including manual installation of pollers for SAM & SRM and NTA.

Hope it helps.

After upgrade observations:

You won't find "Export to PDF" or "Export to Excel", instead you would find a "Print" option.

When you schedule a report to PDF or run a report, it shows light green color and blue color in the charts. But, when you export and receive the PDF, it would change the colors to Dark Blue and Green. You can test .

I will update further, with more observations.


After upgrade, we see some issues as explained below. Please let us know, if there is any hot fix already released or going to be released.

1. Export to PDF options has been removed and need it back

2. We have to schedule the reports to get them in PDF or Excel. But, earlier we could select CSV as well, but now, we see a warning message as attached in the screen shot. What does it mean?

CSV format excluded.JPG

3.     Also, When you run a report on console, chart shows lines in light green color and Blue color on screen.

     But, when you export and receive the PDF (via scheduler), it would change the colors to Blue to Dark Blue and Light Gree to Green color.

Chart Colors.jpg

4. While scheduled the reports to generate CSV, or Excel or PDF, not getting the report properly, rather getting with the below errors.

Excel Format Report failed.JPG

     When you receive attachment as PDF, it just shows as Loading and no details of the chart

Scheduled report as PDF.JPG

5. We had PC (added with ICMP only) and it shows Windows 8.1 in the properties, though it was upgraded with Windows 10. We did rediscover and poll now, still in vain. Does OS Win 10 won't be reflected in Solarwinds NPM 12.2 version? We had the same issue, when we had 11.5.3. We told the clients that it would be reflecting after 12.2. But, we have no answer now.

Note: Please make a Note that Export to Excel is still available, when you run a report without charts i.e. table details.

          We also tried checking boxes of CSV and Excel for a Web based report and ran it. We did receive both CSV and Excel format files as attachments. But, when it runs during original schedule, getting no attachment and receive an error with URL as shown above in                Point number 4.

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Please see aLTeReGo​'s response on the deprecation of Export to PDF

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Export to PDF in the Orion Web Console was deprecated in the NPM 12.1 release and subsequently removed in the following NPM 12.2 release. It is recommended that you leverage your browser or operating systems native ability to export web pages to PDF.

Hi, what Windows platform did you migrate to? Windows 2012? 2016?

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We have not migrated to any servers. We have done upgrade on existing Windows 2012 data center servers only. We have plan to upgrade the servers, not sure, which servers, but they would be new servers .

smoked_angus​: I have got an update that we would migrate to 2016 (both Windows and SQL).

I know exactly what you just went through... I've done it twice now with two different 11.5.x systems.  For me getting up to 12.1 NPM and moving the SQL Server database to new VM's was a little tricky... also like you said you have to do each module independently until you get to 12.0

Even, we are planning to move DB with SSD, so that the performance would be significant. Though we are already on SQL 2012 SP1, still slowness is there on the application. The DB VM has 32GB and allocated 85%, remaining 15% being utlized by Windows. We are also planning to upgrade our VMs with high configuration.

We have observed that some slowness, after we upgraded to the latest versions. What would you suggest to increase the performance?

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Great feedback

- David Smith
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We successfully updated the second Orion server to NPM12.2 and associated modules.  One thing I forgot from the first time and had happen again is when you change the server name for your primary poller... support has a script that you run which goes through the entire database and basically updates any references to old server name to the new server name.  If you (like me) have to move the SQL server database and it's to a host with a new name you will need this script.

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More notes on my upgrade experience. To recap, attempted installing 11.5.2 in eval mode on new servers-failed. Tech support got me through the major portion of the upgrade. Once we got to 12.2 and ran the Configuration Wizard, we got a failure. Contacted Tech Support again, different person and they got me the rest of the way.Here are the final notes that were sent to me that outlines the basics of what happened on the last call:

- Checked SW certificate.
- Using md5
- Use Fixit tool.
- Now using SHA1.
- Run repair core.
- Orion Web is now up.

I had to correct 3 nodes that didn't transfer correctly. I had been informed that some alerts may have issues also, this turned out to be true. I have been able to find those under the Notifications tab (the bell beside your username) and on the Alert Migration Log I can see all the alerts that transferred, the ones that failed and are unusable, there are other alerts that I am informed that need to be looked at (message: Object/properties used in trigger/reset conditions of this alert are not supported in new web-based alerting.) . I had heard that the web console may look very different, this was not the case for me. All in all, I am satisfied with the new upgrade-I have a lot of work to do with the alerts that either didn't migrate or have trigger/reset condition issues. Really like the Unmanage  method as well. Will update if I see anything else of significance.

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Hi orioncrack​,

We have done 2 times. First time it was successful and we went from NPM 11.0.1 to 12.2 along with NTA, NCM. No additional poller. Here, I found the Orion installer as very useful and it was smooth.

Last week, we did that from 11.5.3 with other modules and additional poller. We could upgrade till 12.0.1 only. All other modules up to next version and NTA to 2 vrsions (to 4.2.1). If you have additional poller it would take lot of time (depending on your DB size) and lot of checks are there with dependencies you need to upgrade old versions first, to start the Orion installer from 12.1. So, we are doing the remaining upgrade next weekend to be with the latest versions.

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Just got done with tech support and 12.2 is up and running. Not sure if it's okay to give a shout out to the people that helped but it's working. Learned a couple of things that may benefit others. Previously I said that I would ensure that all versions/upgrades were fully functional-while on the phone with tech support I was told that would probably be a waste of time. As long as the product installs correctly, it is (and was) best to upgrade in the manner that we did; then, if there are problems you fix the final version.

Prior to calling tech support I went into the log files and copied 4 errors that I was getting and pasted them into a file. I shared this with tech support, the one they keyed in was

"Website configuration failed:

•   •  Connection to SolarWinds® Information Service did not succeed.

Last error: The socket connection was aborted. This could be caused by an error processing your message or a receive

timeout being exceeded by the remote host, or an underlying network resource issue. Local socket timeout was '00:01:00'."

Tech support advised that we needed to run a file that was a .NET 4.6 fix it tool. I had a hard time following along but was told this was a MD5 issue-this is not a Md5 hashing issue

Due to our network settings, this file could not be downloaded from the server, tech support had me download it and then I copied it over to the server. At that point, I turned control back over to tech support. They extracted and ran it, then repaired the Solarwinds Orion Core Service 2017 (Control Panel). After that we ran the Configuration Wizard again. CF finished successfully this time and 12.2 is running. I was told that I should check all my existing alerts as some may not work the same in 12.2. I logged in to the new web site, I was expecting the initial web page to look very different but it looks about the same. It appears that the main difference is the way we will access adding nodes, alerts, etc.

Glad you made it through it... hopefully going forward with newer installers we'll be in better shape now.

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my installer hangs in "downloading installers for: SolarWInds COre, 2017.3" from the remote sites does anyone here knows on how to resolve this? and do we have offline installers for additional poller?

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What file version of the installer are you running?

If it's the latest for instance 1.3.2, then you can navigate to C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Installers on your main poller. Copy the CoreInstaller.MSI  (the file that the installer is hanging on) and you can copy that over to the installer folder on the additional polling engine. The core file is usually the largest, so takes a while. However, it will eventually complete. by moving the file over manually, you're just going to make it a manual process.

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We were running NPM 11.5.2 on Windows 2008. Installed new servers, Windows 2012; installed 11.5.2 on the new servers (evaluation mode so that we can have it running and tested before pulling the plug on the 2008 servers). Install failed, called tech support. They got us through 11.5.2, then 12.0.1 and then 12.2 but none of the installs were tested until we tried the configuration wizard on 12.2. We were advised to continue the install process; in hindsight, I would ensure that all versions/upgrades were fully functional before moving on to the next version. I am currently on hold waiting for tech support to come on line. I understand having issues (that's why we have tech support) but I had let the person that I had been working with know that I was ready and waiting yesterday morning as soon as I got to work, I did not hear back from them until after I had left yesterday evening that they were going to be out the rest of the week and I should call in.... might be a good reason for that but after not hearing back from them on Friday, I am not real happy. Will keep posting as the install/upgrade continues.

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My experience is not good. I attempted the upgrade last week, had issues, called in got some assistance but it is still not working. Sent an email to the person I was working with Friday, no response....considering a variety of factors, I was okay with that. Sent another email today and at the end of my response. Not liking this at all. Fortunately for me, I am still running the old version which is a good thing considering I work for a decent size city that cannot afford to be down.

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Keep us posted about this.  It's important to know what kind of support people are getting.  Even my upgrade required a couple calls to SW Support to get through what I did.  What really complicated things was having to move the database to new SQL Server and Orion to new Windows servers.  12.2 NPM won't install on Windows 2008R2.

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We're in the middle of this upgrade on a couple systems right now.  We've gotten hung up on the upgrade of NPM and it's complaining about not being able to communicate with the NTA database.  This morning it was working fine on the old versions so no changes to the host machines or anything happened but it won't work now.  Installer is saying "Cannot connect to NTA Storage Database" 4.2 when trying to update NTA on the Orion server it cannot can not communicate with the flow storage database.  This was all working before here in place.  We opened a case and had to leave a message.  I don't know the new case number yet.  Support didn't send the case number.  Support said they'd send an upgrade guide and they didn't do it.  We're stuck now with our in production main SolarWinds Orion system down trying to do the upgrade to 12.2.  As I'm sure you would understand this is VERY frustrating. We're a large company with thousands of nodes under management.

Thanks for your comments Rick I really appreciate it!!!  Hopefully we'll be able to get through this upgrade and have it running before Monday.  It hasn't been completely smooth so far :^{