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NPM 12.2 Upgrade Experience Feedback?

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Anyone have any upgrade experiences for the general release?

We are looking to upgrade our entire SW suite in addition to NPM and would like to hear any feedback.

Also, is the RC code the same as the GR code?

Thanks in advance

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This thread has been super helpful and given us many conversation points and feedback. However, the thread is now gotten unwieldy and hard to parse through the feedback. I'm locking this thread and for those of you who are participating in our RCs, invite you to come give additional feedback on my post  Orion Platform: Preparing for the Upgrade to 2018.2  in the NPM release candidate forum. Once we are out of RC, I'll be starting a new topic thread for upgrade feedback for NPM 12.3.

Thank you and for those of you with whom I have ongoing conversations, we'll find other avenues to move forward on those topics.

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This offer is currently open to customers with active maintenance who are willing to upgrade in the next couple of weeks. If you're interested and can upgrade soon, I can send you the interest form to fill out You sound like a perfect candidate for the feedback I'm looking for.

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That sounds wonderful! We are currently working on the server and trying to figure out how many we need. Please send the form and I will do my best to get this started in the next couple of weeks.

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Serena watched "over my shoulder" as I upgraded from 12.0.1 to 12.2, and she and her team were there to answer my questions and keep me from wasting time or becoming stuck or heading down a dark path.

In retrospect, I'd have been able to make it on my own--in at least two days instead of the couple of hours it took with their assistance.

Certainly, the new upgrade advisor and path are a LOT better than previous versions, and if you've got the 2012 servers ready to load with the new versions of SW products, you'll have success.  But having Serena at your elbow to watch what you're doing, so she and her team can learn from your thoughts and actions, will be a very positive experience.  She kept me moving forward when I had questions that would have taken a lot of time to research, and her folks were extremely helpful in letting me provide my own actions, and then helping me improve on them.

Thank you for the information it is greatly appreciated.

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Yes, please!

I'm hoping I might be able to get our SysAdmins to prioritize providing a 2012 environment for two of my pollers the week of September 25, but I can't promise they'll do so.  Once they do, I'd love to reach out to you for assistance.

Fantastic! I'll send you an interest form to fill out in a DM, and then I'll wait for your bat signal.

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@Serena--What's that up in the sky?


It's the BAT SIGNAL!

I'm ready to upgrade NPM, NCM, and NTA with your team's oversight.



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Survey complete.  Now the timing's in the hands of my System Admins in charge of the 2012 VM environment.

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Everything went extremely smooth for me. I upgraded NPM, SAM, NCM, UDT, IPAM, and VIM. Much faster upgrade than normal and didn't run into any issues.

When I was upgrading I found RC versions and also strange we were facing lot of issue but sw tech support team hasn't identified that beta had been installed in my network. Do you know to check this versions issue in Orion polling engine like it's RC or Beta Or SP or GA?

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I believe that the RC issue is resolved, are you still seeing this behavior?

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What the Version now ?

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