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NPM 12.1 12.2 Silent / Unattended Install

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Has anyone performed a unattended/silent install of NPM 12.1 or 12.2? I raised a call a few months back with Solarwinds about 12.1 and they came back saying that the instller has changed and there is no current documentation on how for this yet.

The instructions from Install Orion products in unattended or silent mode - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support  only work for products before 12.1

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Product Manager

using the updated instructions were you able to get this to run successfully?

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No is the short answer.

Solarwinds support suggested I try installing it using the VMAN8.0 install. This has the SolarWinds Recommendations 1.2 (I can’t remember if that is correct version) as the npm 12.2 install fails as it can’t download it as it uses recommendations 1.3. using vman 8.0 the silent install does indeed complete with no errors and I can see npm12.2 installed. But when I try to open the web console it fails. Then checking iis I can see no website has been created. Doh!

I received a update from the support call as I left the office so will update this when I read it on Monday.

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Are you able to install on this same server without using silent install? I'm curious about the details so since you have a support case, I'd love to check what support is telling you

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I tried this with the latest NPM 12.2 offline installer. The install starts but fails with 'execution failed with can't download file solarwinds recommendations.msi'

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Howdy Sir,

Is it possible to get a set of diags from you so that we can take a look at this?  And have you created a support case for it yet?

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Yes a support case is raised. Apparently the diags are now with their developers. I ran the install manually as a test and the install works fine. It is only when run in silent mode that it trys to download a file.

Just trying to work out how to attach the diags

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