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Level 16

NPM 12.01/NCM 7.5.1 ?all good?


Please update if you have problems with 12.01 or NCM 7.5.1 ?

Sure like to get some good vibes ...

Before upgrate my production set..


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I'm running the latest versions of NPM, NCM, and NTA with four pollers.  I'm happy with their performance.  No complaints so far.

Hi All

lately the restrictions with Module-versions is a bit more tight than in the past, I assume this is due to the fact that there are so many new cool features and Integrations coming to the product. These features integrate into all modules so they depend on each other.

I had some troubles getting evervthing up to date with the new HA-Feature BUT: once I read the online help to get all versions and dependencies it worked like a charm.

Currently running in my lab environment:

Orion Platform 2016.2.100, SAM 6.3.0, DPA 10.2.0, NCM 7.5.1, IVIM 2.1.2, QoE 2.2.0, Toolset 11.0.3, NetPath 1.0.1, NPM 12.0.1, WPM 2.2.1

Also with HA


Nice to know

I need good news about that release..

by the way how many pollers do you have in that setup?


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Only 1 Poller in the Lab

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Level 10

What about a 'clean' install on a new VM?  I'm at 11.5.3 currently.  I've read some "not so nice" things about doing the upgrade, so I want to do a fresh, clean installation of 12.0.x (along with the newest versions of NTA, NCM, SAM, etc.).

My big question is how do I migrate all of my data, settings etc. from 11.5.3 to my new 12.0 installation?  I would hope this would be an option, but not sure.  Has anyone done this?


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So here is what I would do for a "clean install":

1.  Backup your DB and SolarWinds machine/VM first.  This is in case you have to go back.

2.  Upgrade your current SolarWinds installation(s) in the correct order (in accordance with the product upgrade advisor ) so that it upgrades the database.

3.  Build your new SolarWinds server using the same IP address and machine name.  Obviously, disconnect the NIC until ready to put into production.

4.  Install all the latest versions of the SolarWinds products that you just upgraded to (in accordance with the product upgrade advisor ) to a new (dummy) DB.  This is just to get them installed.  Create any name.  This will be deleted.

5.  Create backup of the new SolarWinds server so you have something to go back to if you need to later on.  You don't want to repeat this build if you done have to.  This is just in case something goes wrong.

6.  Shut down or disconnect the NIC to the old SolarWinds server.

7.  Bring up the new SolarWinds server and/or enable its NIC.

8.  Run the Configuration wizard on the new server and map it to the upgraded DB from step 2.

9.  Delete the dummy DB.

10.  Decommission the old server after you have verified the new one is fine.

This will keep all your settings and you will have a clean SolarWinds server that does not have all the "extra" files from previous version of SolarWinds modules.  This sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't too much.  It's always nice to have a clean install SolarWinds server from time to time.

If you want a "clean" install on a new VM, you can do the following.

- Do your "step" upgrades on the old VM (i.e. NPM 11.5.3 to NPM 12.0)

- Follow the steps in the Admin Guide for "server migration" and install NPM 12.0.1 and the latest versions of the modules on the new server pointing at your existing database. When you install, it will update the database. There are a few extra bits and pieces involved but the admin guide instructions are quite detailed.

The exact order will depend on what modules you have and their versions.

I'm assuming the same steps are to be followed on each of the APEs? 

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If you want to run up a clean APE, it is easier than ever in the new versions.

1. Shutdown the old server.

2. Run up the new server with same hostname/IP address.

3. Copy over the installer from the web console (6 MB or so).

4. Run the installer on the APE, input your main server details and select Additional Polling Engine.

5. The installer will copy over required files from the main poller and run through the installation.

If you don't want downtime, run up a new APE and use Manage Nodes to re-assign the nodes from the old server to the new server.

In addition don't forget to ensure the new APE is in the allowed list for polling switches and servers etc.

All you base belong to us - oh I mean all your data and settings can only be migrated successfully via the upgrade AFAIK.

Reason is it's a new major core release going to NPM12.0.

WebUI changes, The Db Schema updates, reporting and alerting changes etc..

We did a clean VM a year ago running NPM 11.5.3, then upgrade 2 days ago  > 12.0 > 12.0.1 (and other modules)

No major issues so far with NPM / NCM combo.

Just be careful though if you have _ever_ run RC's. You are best to upgrade to the latest GA of that particular module version first

I'd run this question past SolarWinds support. There is enough difference between 11 and 12 that the database on the back end could be different.

I've had great success with building a new machine and just re-pointing the DB - but it's always been within the same major revision.

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I would imagine you would have to run the upgrade regardless. There are tons of changes between 11.5.x and 12.0 that would need to be upgraded to operate correctly.

jlinkowsky​ what "not so nice" things have you read about?  I'm will be upgrading to NPM 12 next week and would like to know of any issues people have read about or have had.

On ours we just linked it to the current database, and everything was pulled from that. Granted we don't have a huge environment (less than a thousand objects), but everything pulled up fine.

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Level 10

Just uprgraded from 12.0 to 12.0.1. Netpath has already come in handy, now we can see the path to much needed resources. We are also running NTA 4.2 and NCM 7.5.0, may wait and see how this goes then upgrade those as well.

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Level 9

I just wanted to report that the issues have been resolved by the Application Engineer. Apparently there was an issue with the NCM_Audit table being too large, AE truncated the table and installation completed successfully.

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So the NOC isn't on your back anymore?

I need to move to 12.1 NPM/NCM setup

Really don't need the NOC on my back if it's 5 hours service that included calling Solarwinds support..

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Level 14

I've been on it since they came out.  I had a few small issues, but they are all resolved.  No big issues.  I recommend the upgrade.  The additional features are so worthwhile.

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Level 16

I upgraded to 12.0.1 as soon as it came out and everything is working fine.

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Level 10

I've been running NPM 12.0.1 and NCM 7.5.1 together for a few months now. No issues.

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