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NPM 12.01/NCM 7.5.1 ?all good?


Please update if you have problems with 12.01 or NCM 7.5.1 ?

Sure like to get some good vibes ...

Before upgrate my production set..


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Clean install mikegrocket​, or what did you upgrade from?
Any additional Pollers?


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Level 9

We are having major issues with NCM 7.5/NPM 12.0.1. After updating to NCM 7.5 the Configuration Wizard fails with error message saying "Error while executing script- Invalid object name 'NCM_SubJobs'.". SolarWinds Support has escalated it to application development. That was yesterday afternoon, still no response as of this morning.

I found an article (link) that mentioned an issue with NCM 7.5 and "NCM.Subjobs" plugin, not exactly the same symptoms and error message as I am getting, but I tried uninstalling the Customer Improvement Program as the article suggests. That did not fix it.

The whole thing had been down for hours, my NOC was getting impatient, so I decided to uninstall NCM and re-run the CW and that got NPM 12.0.1 and all the other modules running.

So now we have been running for a day without NCM... Also getting reports from the NOC that they are missing some dashboards and availability summary (%)...


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That's 7.5.1 to be exact.

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What versions were you running before upgrading to 12.0.1 and 7.5.1?

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What versions did you upgrade from?

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We were at:
NPM 12.0

NCM 7.4

IPAM 4.3.1

UDT 3.2.0

SAM 6.2.1

NTA 4.1.2

We wanted to upgrade NPM 12.0 to 12.0.1 but it required NCM 7.5.0 or greater

We tried upgrading NCM 7.4 to NCM 7.5 but it required IPAM and UDT to be upgraded

We upgraded IPAM to 4.3.2

We upgraded UDT to 3.2.4

We tried to upgrade NCM to 7.5.0 and it failed with the aforementioned error message.

We tried upgrading NPM 12.0 to 12.0.1 but it failed with same error message.

We tried installing NCM 7.5.1 and same error message.

Uninstalled NCM and re-ran CW and NPM 12.0.1 and the other modules are now working without NCM.

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Do you remember what version you were on before 12.0?  I was going to go from 11.5.2 to 12.0 and was trying to see if anyone ran into any issues.

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I went from 11.5.2 to 12.0 on August 28 2016. I did run into a couple of issues then, the main issue I described here.

The other issue was something to do with permissions to re-index in the database and SW CS helped with that.

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Level 9

The "New" licensing application does not recognize additional polling agents in the same server, it says my polling rate now is 192%, with three engines running. Before the upgrade to 12.0.1 from 12.0, it was 63%.

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We have upgraded to NPM12.0.1 and i can vouch for the stability once its installed. Currently we can't edit any of our interfaces on on of our additional pollers and the upgrade process was a little rough. We followed the Upgrade documentation and when we went to use the new package installer for the additional pollers we got a Orion core mismatch error. We Called SolarWinds support there advice was to completely roll back everything on the "physical" main poller to previous version and retry the entire upgrade. The rep wouldn't even entertain any other ideas she just kept stating that we have to roll back. We ended up going with a fresh install on both of our additional pollers. That is what most likely caused our issue. The problem i had was more with customer service not helping she didn't even want to web-ex to try and help us troubleshoot what went wrong she just kept repeating you must roll everything back.

Ouch kelly.ellison​ not good to read. Are you able to advise the case number so SolarWinds staff who see this thread can review?

We hit similar issues with our upgrade on PreProd with 1 APE.

The upgrade advisor has now been updated to reflect the correct path as it missed a couple of modules that require the double update - NCM with NPM 11.5.3 > 12.0.1 upgrade

The APE failed the check on SAM, and we were at a loss to progress within the limited time that remained.

Couldn't update APE to NPM 12.0 seperately as it mismatched with core already being on 12.0.1

Reverting the core VM and Db to pre upgrade would have taken too long.

Uninstalled the SolarWinds modules from APE and ran the 5mb installer.

It just ran so smoothly, and did the APE install (upgrade) seamlessly.

No doubt I'll give an update on Tuesday as to how production upgrade goes sja


2 x APE

2 x AWS


2 x VMan Appliances

Something for those also planning a major upgrade -- I've logged a *Warning I'm upgrading please be available* ticket.

This can be of assistance as I have already provided diagnostics from the 6 windows servers, as well as the upgrade steps I will be actioning.

Support have already reviewed my solution so if it does go BOOM and I need to call, we can get deeper into the issue quicker.

Oh and I scheduled the upgrade to align with the US work hours too since I'm on the other side of the world


I know you won't jump to 12.1 ju like that..

Are on it now?

I moved to 12.0 have some issues with my AWS but the reset is stable..


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I stay up to date most of the time, so I did upgrade to 12 when it first came out and then 12.0.1 when it dropped. I've had very little problems with Solarwinds over the years and find that most issues can be resolved by running the configuration wizard again, it does a very good job of bringing things back to proper functioning. I've only had to make a couple of tickets and they are generally very quick to respond and work with me to resolve any problems. The one big key (but then you probably already know this) is to do a database backup prior to the upgrade. I've never had to restore from one of the backups, but if you did get to that point and didn't have the backup it could mean a whole lot of work.

I'd feel comfortable saying 12.0.1 is very stable. We have several components but NCM isn't one of them so I can't speak to that portion.

tallyrich & kelly.ellison Do you remember which version you guys were on when you upgraded to NPM 12?  I am in the process of prepping for a NPM 12 upgrade and was wondering if you guys ran into any bugs.  We are on 11.5.2.

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I don't, but I try to apply updates as soon as they come out, so I'm pretty sure I stepped through as they were each released. It's been quite a while since I've been more than a rev behind on any component. In fact I'm often running Beta's as soon as they are supported.

We would never be allowed to run a beta in our prod environment!! I tried to convince my superiors that npm12 with the fully supported beta was stable but here we are in October and i just upgraded to 12....

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Wow really?  I'd be nervous to run betas!

I've been running betas in Test environment with good results and helpful information to send back to SW.  I don't run beta in Production.

We were on 11.5.2 if we were already on 12 we would have been fine since the orion core would have already been updated with the 12.0 upgrade. bharris

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Thanks for the information Richard. I'm currently runing NPM 12 and planning to upgrade to 12.0.1 in order to upgrade SAM to 6.3.

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Mine is 12.0.1

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