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Level 16

NPM 12.01/NCM 7.5.1 ?all good?


Please update if you have problems with 12.01 or NCM 7.5.1 ?

Sure like to get some good vibes ...

Before upgrate my production set..


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Hi Richard

Did you upgrate from 12.0 or from 11.5.3?


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Level 12

My apologies 12 <- we did some time ago  and 12.1 soon

Level 12

Likewise we upgraded about 3 months ago and everything is green The interface change takes a little to get used to but you soon find your way around.

NPM 12.0.1 and NCM 7.5.1 have only been out for a few days.  Are you sure you don't mean NPM 12.0.0/NCM 7.5.0 or do you mean you've been running the Release Candidate versions of 12.0.1/7.5.1?

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mmm 12.1 it's not more den 10 days ...

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I've been running 12.1 for several weeks and it is very stable. Well worth the upgrade.

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I'm watching for this as well, sja