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Level 13

NPM 11.5RC

It is in my portal.  Is it in anyone else's?  If so does anyone know where the release notes to documentation is?

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We also installed the NPM 11.5 RC, having only a few issues.

Here is a link to my post 11.5RC installation findings...A few findings, after NPM 11.5 RC Upgrade...

I really wish that new global search feature was ready and released with this version... oh well... we shall continue to wait...


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Level 9

I have it running in my production environment and have only run into two issues:

1. Related to the move to web-based alerting engine.  It gives and error and then links to the following, even though all alerts migrated;

     All alerts we originally defined by Advanced or Basic Alert Manager (Win32 apps on your SolarWinds server). Since we introduced the new web-based alerting engine, we tried to migrate all previously defined alerts to web-based definition. Please see the list bellow to see whether some errors/warnings occurred during migration. The is also possibility that some previous definitions are not supported on the web yet, so there might be some skipped and still managed by previous Win32 alerting apps on your SolarWinds server.

2. In the admin section, the Integrate Orion with Customer Portal Account gives the following message: An unspecified integration error occured.

Other than that, all seems to be going well.  We cannot test the new wifi tools, however.  We have Avaya 8100 wireless with 300+ APs and that is not one of the supported platforms.

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OK, I bit the bullet.

As far as 1.  All migrated except anything that is alerting on APM

2. I get a connection error.

Still testing.

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Looks like the RC was pulled.  Anyone else still have it?

What is going on rob.hock?

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Apologies for any confusion. Because SAM RC has not been released (thus APM/SAM alerts not migrating) the intent was to only have NPM customers install the RC to avoid confusion. Unfortunately for a few hours some SAM customers were provisioned in the customer portal. This was revised this afternoon. In the interim, this is a supported config, existing SAM alerts still function, and can be modified via the Win32 applications. SAM RC is on the horizon.

Could you perhaps send me details on the connection error offline? rob.hock{at}

Ah! Installed it yesterday and also have SAM - must have downloaded it before it was pulled. CPU on the server is 100% almost all of the time.

Is there an easy way to roll back or is it best to restore a server backup?

EDIT: a server reboot appears to have resolved the situation.

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If you do hit upon any issues, please let me know and we'll jump on it.


Having issues with the Orion Module Engine stopping sporadically without any due cause.  I have performed a re-install, and a clean install but still it will stop.  Restart of the service gets it back up and functional, but still it is a nuisance!  Website down until service start.  I have NPM, SAM, NCM, VNQM, and NE Toolset running on this server.  And yes, I saw the SAM issues, after I installed RC 11.5.

Any advice on how to get this issue fixed?

I am currently getting logs gathered and will be able to provide to you if it will help to identify root cause.



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Not a known issue with 11.5RC - having support dig in is likely the best path forward:

Thanks Rob. Already on it!

On Monday, February 16, 2015, rob.hock <

Looks like the alerting function was moved to the web GUI and its quite different that the applet. We are getting weird alerts that are freaking the NOC people out.

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Would you perhaps be able to expand on this? Migrated alerts should not look any different in content.

Hi Rob,

Not sure if you want this here but anyway...

The biggest pain I've found is "Group Members" are not clickable so you can drill down to nodes from a group view. See html below:

<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="containersTreeNode-expandLink">

         <img src="/Orion/images/Button.Expand.gif" class="containersTreeNode-expandButton" style="display: none;">

         <img class="containersTreeNode-statusIcon" src="/Orion/StatusIcon.ashx?size=small&amp;entity=Orion.Nodes&amp;id=4070&amp;status=2">    


Also the heat maps show 0 clients (We have Cisco 5508 controllers 90APs, Prime and MSE), the APs show clients in the Wireless view.

Could a UDT view for a node be integrated? (we have to use an iFrame on the node page) which is not ideal.

Could an NTA view be added for an interface view (if data available)?

Like the other developments though, many thanks,



Were you ever able to fix the unclickable group members bug you were having?  We just experienced it today and worked through it with support.  I have the details in this post: 11.5.2 Groups Issue?

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It resolved itself when I applied the release version.

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I can take a couple of these questions:

>Also the heat maps show 0 clients (We have Cisco 5508 controllers 90APs, Prime and MSE), the APs show clients in the Wireless view.

We definitely want to investigate this.  I'll shoot you a PM.

>Could an NTA view be added for an interface view (if data available)?

This is a common request that is clearly a must have to me.  I'll send you a PM to see if we can discuss some of the specific ideas we have.

Thanks Rob.  Come on SAM RC !

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Level 14

If you want help installing this RC contact Rob Hock.  There was an email that went out last week inviting participants in the beta test to install this with vendor support.

We are not going to install in production yet.  We're waiting until the GA release but we are installing the RC in our dev environment to do some testing.

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Level 14

Here's a copy of the email I received last week, which summarizes features and enhancements in v11.5 RC:

  • -Build wireless heat maps for Cisco wireless controllers and display them right in Orion:
    •   Visualize your signal coverage to find poor coverage areas, improve them, and prove good quality coverage.
  •   Display wireless clients directly on the map to discover hot spots and help troubleshooting

  • Forecast Capacity: automatically forecast capacity to identify future capacity issues before they affect your users.

  • -Enable, disable, or adjust hardware health monitors for individual nodes. 

  • -Manage Poller improvements:
    •   New or rare devices in your environment showing up as unknown?  Configure NPM to automatically identify them based on SysOID.
    •   Populate CPU and RAM fields using custom OIDs.

  • -Monitor interface state and display it on a timeline; no more combing logs for interface UP/DOWN!

  • -Detect interface duplex mismatches throughout your environment like never before.

  • -Automated dependency mapping:

  • -Automatically suppress alerts from dependent objects and focus on the root cause

  • -New Alerting Engine
    • Create alerts using new web-based condition builder
    • Combine multiple object types in the same alert

  • -Mandatory Custom Properties
    • Flag Custom Properties as mandatory to avoid provisioning oversight

  • -Automatic Geolocation on WorldMaps
    • Based on SNMP location field, NPM will automatically place nodes on the World Map resource

Thanks newkidd2,

Really great features.

Has anyone installed in production yet?  Any issues?

I currently am running SAM 6.1.1, QoE 1.0, NCM 7.3.2, NPM 11.0.1, NTA 4.1.0, WPM 2.1.0, Toolset 11.0.1, UDT 3.2.0 and wondering if there would be any compatibility issues.

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