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Level 14

NPM 11.5 Capacity Planning Filters and Orion Properties

We've recreated the Capacity View from here -‌ but as most are aware and you can tell from this pic, out of the box Orion still doesn't know the difference between a storage volume and real, physical, virtual memory.  So we like to exclude reporting them in Top 5 Volume Capacity.  However, the normal filter we use doesn't apply here.

Volumes.Caption<>'Cached memory' AND Volumes.Caption<>'Physical memory' AND Volumes.Caption<>'Virtual memory' AND Volumes.Caption<>'Real Memory'

So I''m assuming we need to use one of the available Forecast Properties.  Does anyone know which of the Forecast Capacity or ForcastMetrics properties we should be looking at the filter them?  Is there an easy way to pull up an object and see it's list or properties and their values?

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You have a hint within resource itself:


So, to answer your question - for you to be able to restrict to only "Physical Volumes" for example you can use DisplayName from ForecastCapacity:

ForecastCapacity.DisplayName LIKE '*Physical Memory*'

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Thanks much Alex. I updated the query to make it "NOT LIKE '*memory*') and that did the trick for me.

I was almost going to try that yesterday before leaving. Actually I noticed only 2 forecasts tables and this was not part of it so it was not too obvious.

Thanks once again!

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Level 9

I am looking for the exactly same thing. Were you able to figure it out?

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